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    4s Motorcycle Battery

    Building a small pack for an ATV that charges at 14.5v <1000mah. Some are building packs w/o a BMS which I am not keen on. Can a safe 4s really be safely used in this situation. I ordered BMS, but wanted to see what the trend is in the community. Thanks again for all the help. AA
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    Holding the cells together in trays

    What are you guys using to hold packs together? Hot glue, nuts-bolts, shrinkwrap, all of the above?When I lift the cell(s) the trays are flexing.
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    18650 Pack - Self-dishcharge wait time?

    I have all 392 cells tested/rated/sorted and long do I let them sit and retest for self-discharge?
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    Building My First Pack

    I have acquired around 425 x 1865s that I plan to use for off-grid storage. I expect to get around 400 good ranging from 1700-2700mah after testing, which should be complete in another week or two. Hoping to get some opinions/suggestions on the best way to utilize these with my inverter and...
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    94watts More than PV Panel Rating?

    Hello from USA! I just purchased an inexpensive 20A MPPT controller from Rich Solar. Specs indicate max pv input is 250w and 100v for 12v system (Flooded), so I connected 2x100watt panels in series. The app has recorded 294watts max today and frequently indicating well over 200w. I'm...