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  1. b0re

    240V Fuel box with Victron ET112

    Hello, I was trying to contact victron but all the posts relating to the ET112 are closed. It's a simple setup just wanted acknowledgment of the wiring I have gone for. Victron diagram This is what I have Clearly missing the input and outputs. And also the RJ45 on pins 4,5 and 6. I...
  2. b0re

    Calculating Total Pack Ah

    Hello, I created a 7s pack each pack is 279551 milliampere-hours so 279.551Ah per pack Do you times 279.551Ah by the packs to give you the total Ah or is it 279.551Ah? Thanks
  3. b0re

    Diesel heater (error code 7) When invertor turned on

    Hello, I have a Diesel heater powered by an Orion 24v-12v DC-DC Converters Non-isolated. When turned on everything works fine as soon as I turn on the invertor the Diesel heater shows error code 7, this means low voltage to the controller. I checked the controller's voltage when on and the...
  4. b0re

    Victron BP-65, voltage on jumper on/off

    Hello, I want to turn off the 24v via remote using Zigbee, I am currently using Sonoff. The BP-65 Victron comes with a remote loop does anyone know the voltage between the jumper on/off I want to add in a Zigbee switch between the jumper that I can tie into the rest of my Zigbee devices and...
  5. b0re

    Victron relay 12v on/off

    Hello, I have the Victron GX and I want to turn on and off a 12v supply its 30amp Can you recommend a relay to work with the GX? Thanks
  6. b0re

    Victron connect via bluetooth

    Hello, I have a smart shunt smart solar mppt 100/30 Victron control gx cerbo gx Can I link these via Bluetooth and not use cables? Thanks
  7. b0re

    how to stack your battery packs?

    Hello, I am creating a 7s 120 cell packs. I used repacker and created the 7 packs. Do I mix all the packs up or leave them with the highest to the positive connection end? Thanks
  8. b0re

    Electrical Busbar help

    Hello, I have created a 7s pack 120 cells per pack. The max the pack will ever seewill be 3500w thats140amps if I divide this by 7 this gives me 20amp per pack. Question - Each pack has 5 3mm copper rods going to a sold copper 3mm plate, the plate isabout an inch wide. Does the total...
  9. b0re

    PV Isolator help

    Hello, Need some clarification on a PVIsolator I am going to install looking at s4 it has a jumper going to 8-6 and 3-5input positive being 1 and input negative being 7. The output positive being 2 and the negative being 4 Have I got this right?
  10. b0re

    AC Wiring and feedback on camper build

    Hello, I am building a setup for my camper van and need some advice. I attached a picture of my creation so far it's still working progress still have some wiring to do. The negative connection coming in the post I needed a 10mm one and the cable will be shorter and still need to wire in the...
  11. b0re

    7S BMS 200A from China

    Hello, Thought I would share my findings. The BMS in the picture is not the same as delivered way better. Ordered 7s 200a BMS that cost $160for china.Woo very impressedwith the build quality shes not small lol. Done some basic testing at 100a all ok,need a few days to see how the...
  12. b0re

    Home made battery changer

    Update ( - I made a DC to DC Constant voltage charger 24v 19amps 35c. its ran for months now all good. I bought the1800wat DC converter off eBayIt will not run at this without cooling and high current, out the box it will run at 9-10amps at...
  13. b0re

    Long PCB for power wall?

    Hello, Building a 24v power wall. I was looking for a long PCB to hold24-50 cells like theJehu board but justhold cells with holders. My plan would be to add a bar on each side, and on one side added wire fuses from one of the bars to each battery holder. This would make it easier replacing a...
  14. b0re

    DC TO DC battery changing via solar

    Hello, Question - If I had a PIP controller 24v could i use the PV line DC 12v from the alternator to change? Or will this cause guy fawkes nightfor me? Looking for a 40-60amp DC 12v to 24vDC changer Thanks
  15. b0re

    How to calculating the total ah

    Hay, I am going to be installing a shunt and notice you have to enter the ah of you pack. How do you calculate this correctly? Building a 24v 7s Thanks
  16. b0re

    Portable 100 cell power pack for camper recharge

    Hay, I am building a 24v 7s for a camper van. I wanted to use all the cells below 1500mah (nonused) as aPortable power pack to charge the main pack. The planwill be to take it into work change the pack and when I leave work to take it to the van. If I can get a kilowatt it's worth doing I will...
  17. b0re

    Camper Powerwall inverter

    Hello, I am building a Powerwall for camper van project my target is around the 5kw with 400w of solar. I have over 1000 18650s so far I have tested 20% 2 months to go lol. I am going for a 24v configuration in 7s not sure how may I am going to use yet until I have tested all the batteries. I...
  18. b0re

    Help with mAh

    Hello, New here. I have 600 ofCGR18650CG (2250mAh Rated) I charged 200 of them and left them for 2-3 weeks, I then did a voltage test and got 4.18v on average happy with that. I then ran a discharge test on 50 getting 2456mAh on average the link says 2250mAh Rated? After my discharge,im left...