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    Capacity Testing Station

    Hi There So jumping on the back of a previous post I'm currently going through the painful process of charging and discharging my ever growing stock of batteries. Im about 300 cells into my 1500 cell stock at current. I may have just secured 1500 more which means im going to be doing this for...

    Charging check

    Hi everyone! Back again!! so new quick question for you!! Charging a 14s60p pack what would you consider a safe charge? I think I should be charging to 58.8v so each series is charged to 4.2v but when deciding on Amps what would you guys recommend? :D

    In need of ideas

    So I have a 48u server rack. 10x 1u Shelves, Batteries take 2u and my idea is to add 10x 1u fan trays. In effort to keep things tidy and allow for periodic maintenance on the battery packs I am trying to think of a good way to wire these packs in parallel. I.e. be able to isolate on each shelve...

    Solar Panels

    Hey there So I'm stuck pondering this..... how to wire up my solar. I have 120 Panasonic hit 330 panels to cable up. Now I don't know what controllers to use with this setup and I can't decide on what series and parallel with the panels. I have seen Schneider mppt 80-600 controllers but...

    Creating My First Battery Pack

    Hello So thought I would concentrate on one thing this evening. Figuring out how I should connect my cells together. Without getting in to deep I've watch a lot of video's and left undecided on how I should do my series and parallel configuration. So keeping this simple my powerwall will be...

    Some Preplanning

    Hello again! Ok I have tried several times to type this but failed without making a mess. So very badly used paint to show you what I am doing with my house build. Its not easy for me to get my head around all the details so thought make it basic first and then worry about the little details...

    Off Grid Project

    Hello Amazing website of battery cell information! Awesome! So my question is and this may not be the best place to post this, if so sorry I couldn't work out where to slide this is in. I am looking to build a completely off grid home. Future wise I am looking to fed in to creative an income...