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  1. AveRageJoe

    106 Laptop Battery Packs SOLD

    I have 106 Laptop packs with 6, 9 and 12 cell configurations.3 Boxes are Dell (2 boxs have 19, 1 box 17), 1 box of Toshiba, Ibm, Sony and others (box of 25) and a box of Hp, Compaq and Gateway(box of 26). I figured I would give some people here the option before I put them up on EBay. I am going...
  2. AveRageJoe

    Great Read on POWERWALLS!!! Its about US!!!

    Louise over at Vice Motherboard did some checking up on us and did a few interviews on quit a few of us!!! Check it out here
  3. AveRageJoe

    12v Inverters and Stuff?

    Is anyone interested in 12v Inverters and or other stuff from my Lead Acid setup? I no longer need them and figured I see if anyone was interested before I put them on EBay. Shoot me a reasonable offer + shipping(shipping is proby around $20 for the inverters and maybe $10 on charge controller)...
  4. AveRageJoe

    AveRage Joe Show Laptop Battery Giveaway!!! Comment about your Build!!!

    This Thread will be where the Giveaway Happens!!! One box of nine genuine Toshiba 12-cell packs (new old-stock over $100 Value) will be given away on behalf of Mike from, to be eligible for the 12-cell pack giveaway you must be a registered member on the forum and have a...
  5. AveRageJoe

    24v 18650 APC UPS Hack

    Here is the video about the 24v UPS 18650 Hack. Shows how to build a 7s9p pack (kinda). I used 1900ma cells at random. I plan on rebuilding the pack and make it more balanced. This is basically a scaled down version of my Power Wall. Fun to mess around with until I get the Power Rack going.
  6. AveRageJoe

    Special Announcement!!! Average Joe Show!!!

    Mark your Calendar's! Starting July, 12th, at 1pm central standard time, I am going to host 5 Live Streams in 5 Days, 1/2 as good as Peter's 10 :P . Each Stream will be 1hr long, talking about all things Powerwall. I'll be giving away at least 2 Powerwall Related Items per Stream to randomly...
  7. AveRageJoe

    HBPowerwalls Fuse Test Video

    Here is Pete's Fuse Test Results, hope you dont mind that I post it here.
  8. AveRageJoe

    Crystal Pounding Experiment

    I restarted my Crystal pounding (desulfating) experiment. Im using a pulse charger (a.k.a. SSGC or bedini charger) I cobbled together quit a few years ago for desulfating lead acid batteries. I figured why not try it on some low capacity cells to see it could raise them up. I capacity check this...
  9. AveRageJoe

    Awesome Capacity

    These are a few of the cells from the medical packs, Highest Ive gotten so far!!!
  10. AveRageJoe

    Cell Level Fuse Videos

    If you havent seen these videos, I figured I would share. We all need to stay as safe as we can. Lets test before we guess!!
  11. AveRageJoe

    Testing Mike's 30AWG 0.24mm Fuse Wire

    Here is the link to the video, I can retest at your actual length if you like. :)
  12. AveRageJoe

    Hello Hello

    First post here. Hello from Omaha Ne