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    Processed Submissions and Updates

    Seems to be a Sanyo cell but no URxxxxxx stamped on wrapping. Red Wrap, Red ring F stamped at the bottom Up to 2250 mAh after testing Note: Thanks, but we can't do anything with them without a model number.
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    Processed Submissions and Updates

    Submitting LG 18650 S4 cells Refrence : LGAAS41865 Wrap purple Ring white Capacity : 2200 mAh Max charge : 4A Max discharge : 4.4A Cut-offs : 2.75 / 4.2 The only found link : Note...
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    Unknown C18650P Cell Specifications

    1300 mAh according to
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    Cell not in DB, identify?

    Seems to be a Sanyo cell. The reference is "engraved in the plastic wrap". You can read it with a strong light, playing with it at the surface of the cell. You may read something starting with UR1865...
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    What are your prefered / hated brand / models of cells and why ?

    Thanks. Maybe my point of view will change over time. I just dismatled 150 laptops packs and 4 ebikes packs.
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    Using laptop BMS board to charge 18650 cells

    One open source project to talk to laptop BMS
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    Do different voltages have 'full' charges?

    Indeed, I did not had this in mind. And I I never tested my O.pus at a 3.7v cutoff, I do not know their behavior.
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    Do different voltages have 'full' charges?

    The storage voltage is 3.7v indeed. There is no saturation as the charging curve is still is constant current mode for this voltage. From my observation of the O.pus charger, it start to ramp down the current from 4.05v to slowly decrease the power sent to the cell. The cutoff occurs when the...
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    Salvage these or not?

    Maybe only the 2 on the right of the 1st picture worth having a look. In case you are going to salvage them, I suggest to replace the wrapping in order to check the body... but there no high expectation from my point of view
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    What are your prefered / hated brand / models of cells and why ?

    As far as I am testing some cells (just beginning with a few hundreds), here my comments - Samsung 26F are quite good. Not that much failed - LG cells are difficult to read from part number and spot welding is generally stronger that makes the tear down difficult. In average more weak cells -...
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    Lishen (LS) LR1865SF Cell Specifications

    The datasheet 2150 mAh 3.0v / 3.7V / 4.2v Charge : 0.5C / 1C Discharge : 0.5C / 2C
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    LG LGAAS31865 Cell Specifications

    Seems to be the ICR18650 S3 model
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    Using laptop BMS board to charge 18650 cells

    Just in case this can help, the pinout of laptop batteries seems more or less standardized. Here some info throgh a video : They are using a laptop battery tester RFNT3 which is a bit expensive (~250 bucks)
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    LG LGCP218650 Cell Specifications

    2500 mah rated with 5000 mah max discharge rate according to Product name 18650 CP2
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    LG LGDAHD2C1865 Cell Specifications

    The datasheet :
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    Processed Submissions and Updates

    Brand: Sanyo Model: UR16650ZTA Capacity: 2330mAh Rated Voltage: 3.70V Nominal Charging: 4.35V Maximum 1190mA Standard --mA Maximum Discharging: 3.00V Cutoff 1210mA Standard 4840mA Maximum Description: Purple Cell Wrapper White Insulator Ring 16650 Form Factor Datasheet ...
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    Elon Musk : "Australia will go back to dark age without Tesla" @HBPowerwall, you'll be almost the only one lit in a few years ? :D
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    Cell Testing

    Using digital pot such as Analog Device AD5161 seems a working solution to set the current by software. An Arduino lib for that one I shared months ago : But indeed this will weigth more into the BOM
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    Identifying LG Cell Model Numbers

    LG cell part number reading This may help others and provide an easier way to find datasheet. As per my readings yesturday using GTranslate on chinese forums, here the sum-up of my findings A cell part number is a reference of 10 to 11 characters for LG. This is built as the concattenation of...
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    LG LGAAMF11865 Cell Specifications

    LG AA MF1 1865 LG: Manufacturer AA: 1 or 2 symbol, AA Assembly site of Nanjing MF1 : model 1865 : 18650 form factor This is the same as LGDAMF11865 & LGEAMF11865 Got it from that forum