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    Postmortem - Ebike pack

    My very first ebike battery pack (14s5p from used laptop batteries) has had declining performance over the summer. Pull on it hard and the 45A BMS trips due to low voltage. I was going to put a 20A BMS on it for the remainder of its old age but when I opened it up I saw extreme cell leakage in...
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    Charge two 14s 18650 packs together?

    I've been asking around the ebike forums but seem to get no answers so I thought I would mention it here - I have a BBHSD mid-drive ebike with a Wolf v2 (14s4p 4-port=2 ports with XT60 connector for charging and 2 ports XT90 for power) pack. I'd like to increase my range and will plug a second...
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    How much dent is too much?

    Yes, I know, any dent is too much but after denting quite few hard to harvest cells the question is a bit more pertinent to me. Some dents are barely visible. Should those be tossed? I pulled some wrappers off some old cells in packs I've used for over a year and see dents in my daily drivers I...
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    Pouch & Prismatics in the database?

    I don't see any place or entry for pouch or prismatic cells in the database. Not ready or not embracing the future as 18650s die out? After all, the forum is Second Life Storage not 18650s Are Us.
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    Where now for 18650s?

    Since 18650s no longer come in laptops I'm seeing the supply drying up quickly. Even batteryhookup seems to have a very limited supply. Where are the best places to buy used, tested cells reliably these days?
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    Battery config for Xebra electric car

    I have a ZAP Xebra (chuckles...) that's been given to me. It needs batteries. I am also an avid ebiker and builder and have a good stock and supply of 18650s. The car originally came with six 100 ah 12v lead-acid batteries and I'm trying to decide best configuration for an 18650 conversion. Do I...