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    Pack cooling

    Hi all, I don’t post much but have a question about cooling of packs. I know a lot of you have gone the air cool route but was thinking on using a copper pipe through a pack and doubling it as the main earth bar. Also have though a lot about using the phase change effect of wax’s for cooling as...
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    power monitor controlled grid tie inverter ?

    Hi guys , I'm looking into setting up a portableGrid tie inverter solar system to supplement some of the power to my house , but I don't want to pay for the two way power meter and the $800 dollars for setting it all up (i'm renting the house) . So I was wondering if there was a power meter (amp...
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    electric motorbike/scooter conversions

    So have been chasing the elusive electric motorbike/scooter scene for a bit now and I remember hearing on one of HB's live vids that he is going to try to make a electric pitbike . But as a start here is a easy buy and install for all the mechanical...
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    bms or pcm what is the diffrence?

    ok have started assembling some 12s packs for a 12s4p set electric skateboardand thought maybe get some battery protection . Well BMS's are everywhere but i found this site and they call them power contol modules.... now i'm confused...