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    White insulator ring?

    Can you all point me where to find white insulators for inside the sleeves? I ordered the ones below and they are too large as they are designed for going on top of the cell.
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    4 wire IR swiper or holder?

    I have my YR1030 to start testing cells but no test fixture. Below are three different types; spring loaded, ratcheting and thumb screw. Any experience or suggestions for me? All look cumbersome to use and if not mounted or affixed to something probably require two hands to load/unload...
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    Pearlescent wrap?

    Where can I find the pearlescent 18650 wraps? You know the clear ones that change color as the light moves. I've seen them before but I've been Googling for an hour and can't find them. Any help is appreciated!
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    Take an educated guess!

    *Update: this thread has gone OT with discussion of cells to help in my project. You are still welcome to guess without reading anything! So far we have 26%, 35% and 40%. I harvested 460 untested cells from those 80 batteries.* I finally have my first 80 laptop batteries to harvest. Who wants...
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    I keep popping my 18650's!

    Ugh, every so often when I peel the old nickel off the bottom of a used cell the bottom tears open with the weld and I get puff or hiss and then the stink of battery internals. Obviously I recycle these? Tips on preventing this? Thanks all!
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    Opus 3100's for $35 shipped, limited time!

    Aliexpress is having a summer sale right now. For those not familiar with Aliexpress, it's like the Amazon of China and totally legit. Lower prices but slower shipping. Here's the best deal to be found right now, $35 with shipping and this one arrives quickly! Aliexpress US $32.41 26%OFF |...
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    Opus Charge Refresh reducing capacity?

    Just got my first Opus 3400's and have started harvesting cells. I noticed my first couple of charged/refreshed cells show a lower capacity after the process than before. Isn't the opposite supposed to happen? Can anyone explain? My first two cells, unidentified as yet, after a single...
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    Help supplement my Tesla batteries

    I've got two Tesla Model S modules (~237Ah each, still testing) powered by 1040 watts of solar. My batts run my 24v 2400w inverter to power some critical loads in my house 24/7. My inverter draws between 7-20 amps during a day, about 10-50% of it's rating, spiking to 60 amps for fridges...
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    80p or 100p or 120p?

    Hi all, just joined because HB's videos got me excited. I've been collecting and recycling 18650 cells for years, mostly for flashlights and small projects. Now I'm dreaming big! Are there any BIG advantages or disadvantages of going 80p vs 120p or 80p vs 100p? My space constraints would make...