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  1. Charlycop

    14s20p PowerWall

    Hi guys, the building begins ! I used rePackr to make my 14 sets of 20 batteries : Then, I made the barbus : Ready to sold : Soldering the fuses : I have a question about the fuses :Is it needed to sold one fuse at each end of each cell ??
  2. Charlycop

    What fuses to use ?

    Hi Guys, I'm preparing my 14s20p battery for my workshop, in order to power 5m LED strip and maybe one inverter to power my tools sometimes. About the bus bars, I cannot find the fuses on AliExpress to link each cell to the bus bars. Where can I buy those ? Thanks.
  3. Charlycop

    What voltage is too low ?

    Hi, I just got my first batch of 50 laptop batteries. As you know, it is very long/slow to test the cells with my Liitokala 500, so I wonder if I can send to recycle bin the batteries without testing them. What I mean is : what is minimum voltage to try to revive them ? Thanks, Charly.