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  1. BatteryMooch

    Your guess on what cell this might be?

    Thanks but thatsthe test report that I wrote. :) They have changed what cell they wrap. Its no longer the NCR18650GA with a three leg top contact.Its a lower capacity four leg top contactcell with a lower current rating now.
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    Your guess on what cell this might be?

    Capacity = 2542mAh and 2561mAh(BK Precision 8601 load) DC IR = 52-53mOhms (15mS pulse at 7A) Rated at 35A and 3600mAh by Enook but those areabsurdly exaggerated ratings. The four leg top contact means LG Chem or a China manufactured cell IMObut I dont know which. The printed codes on the can...
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    Thermal Runaway on Purpose

    Ive seen that NASA doc, thanks though! So easy to overlook something like that when designing a pack. :)
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    This is all it says on the first line? Are you sure you havent missed any letters/numbers?
  5. BatteryMooch

    Thermal Runaway on Purpose

    Did you decide on any particular methods yet?
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    Experiment: Soldering 18650 = Capacity Fade?

    Any data on changes in the leakage current rate, pre- and post-soldering? I can see that as being the primary indicator of damage. Except for thermal runaway, of course. ?
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    what brand battery do you favor to use for vape

    Vapcell is a decently popular brand of cells targeting flashlight users and vapers. They rewrap cells from the big OEMs and also use cells from the smaller China factories. The continuous current ratings on the wraps are, for the most part, accurate. The max or pulse ratings are, of course...
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    Nickel Strip with Cell Level Fusing

    Probably already punching them out. :@
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    Thermal Runaway on Purpose

    Ive done it by using a motorcycle battery directly connected across the cell under testwith reversed polarity. This forces reverse charging at incredibly high current levels.The key to making it work was the use of very low resistance wiring/connections to ensure that enough current flowed to...
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    Rust protection

    I agree with daromer, avoid spraying anything. Especially if it contains a volatile carrier as it could affect the seal at the top of the cell. Perhaps you can try a thin film of conductive lubricant to block oxygen but not interfere with using the cell? You wouldnt have to go through a lot of...
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    Home PowerDrive V2 - Germany ** 33+ kWh ** Big Power ++

    Sorry to hear about all theproblems youre having but I wanted to let you know that i have really enjoyed reading this thread and learning about your setup! I hope you find solutions soon.
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    Problem with OPUS Charger

    Ive seen some chargers react badly to cells with crappy (low quality cells from the smaller China factories)or damaged spot welds. The voltage on the cell tests as good but soon after charging or discharging starts the bad/damaged weld point(s) go very high resistance and the charger drops to a...
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    Hello from NYC

    Where did my other reply go? Hmm...I messed up somewhere. Thanks! I really enjoy the work Ive been able to do testing cells and exposingbattery wrapping companies with their crazy exaggerated ratings for their cells. Im looking forward to soaking up some of the great knowledge here for putting...
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    Charging issue with Headway 38120's

    Was the charger still balancing when it stopped charging? Could you have hit a cell-to-cell voltage imbalance limit? You might have to charge each separately first and then charge/balance the pack.
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    G'day Crew

    Welcome! New York City native here. Im also new to SLS and trying to absorb as much as I can before diving into building a powerwall. Batteries I know a few things about but very little about solar and sizing powerwall installations. There is some great info here!
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    Hello from NYC

    Hello! My apologies, I never received any kind of alert that you had replied. Still getting used to how it all works here. Sending email now. Thank you!
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    Hello from NYC

    Thank you!
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    Hello from NYC

    Hello! Ive been designing power electronics (chargers, electronic loads, energy harvesters, power supplies, BMS, etc.) for my clients full time since 1992 but am just getting started in the powerwall community. Along with my brother and sister-in-law, we hope to have a powerwall for their home...