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    Initial thoughts on connecting inverters with ATS

    I have been trying to put some though into how everything goes together, I think I have have an understating after reviewing some videos, like @daromer youtube series onATS Switches - But I would like to get some feedback to make sure I am heading down the right path.
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    WTF - 4029mAh 16850

    This morning when I got to my desk I found something odd... I looked again and sure enough on my Opus BT-3100 v2.2 #3 I see 4029mAh... I must be still asleep... so I went back upstairs and got some coffee, when I came back, yea, it's still there.. So time to verify, it is now running in my...
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    Heat Shrink Lables

    Hello, Has anyone tried to use heat shrink labels on their batteries? I am building a website to help track my batteries and I am noticing the the black sharpie marker keeps rubbing off some of the batteries, this is back for long term tracking. So I am looking at labels, but they are MAD...
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    Advice on what I found in a HP pack

    While pulling apart packs tonight, I ran into this tonight... Should I consider all 6 battery dead, or should I still take the time to check out the rest of the packs.
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    The 1.21GW Powerwall

    Hello everyone, I have been doing a lot of reading, watching, and learning over the last month, and I am starting down my paths. Here are the goals I am trying to reach... By the end of my life I want to be able to store 1.21 GW, so a can go Back to the Future! To get there I am going to...
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    Whats the secret to opening laptop packs?

    I am working on my 6th laptop pack, and I keep asking my self there has to be a beter way, I have 85 HP packs, left and love the work, it just seams like there is something I am missing.
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    Battery Connector Questions : Anderson, Amass (XT-60/XT-90)

    I have been looking at peoples builds, and I have seen people use several different connectors between each set of cells and from the pack. Some of the most common seam to be O-Rings, Anderson 120A Connectors, and XT-60 or XT-90 connectors. In your pack, what did you choose and why? Also...
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    Hot Cells ???

    Hello, I am working of my first batch of recovered cells, These came from HP MU06 Battery Packs and each had 6 Sanyo UR18650A Li-ion cells. In the videos, I keep hearing that HOT cells are bad... But no one says how HOT hot is.... A 2 of the Cells are currently ~80c, and some ith 70c range...
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    SMA Sunny Island ????

    I am in the very early stages of my system, Initially I was looking at building a SolarEdge System, as I want per solar panel monitoring. Sorry, I am computer Nerd, and I love data, that is why I am a MySQL Admin ::). Then I found out about the TS4-R (Optimized)from SMA, and started to dig into...
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    Hello from Atlanta, GA, USA

    Hello, I am just beginning my journey, so please forgive me if I say something stupid.... I am a MySQL Database Administrator, Computer Nerd, who is looking to build a mega power wall overtime....