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    110V single phase to 110V-N-110V split phase 220V

    I've been looking for a step up transformer with primary 110V and center tapped 220V secondaries. Could anyone recommend me of such a transformer? I'll be using it with the 4 PIPs (2424LV-MSD) which will be operating in parallel, so 8kVA to 12kVA models preferably. Thanks in advance
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    MPP Solar Q&As

    I can't seem to find a common place to share tips, hacks and good practical info on these boxes. Maybe this thread can become that. Here's my question : Q: during dusk when PV supply low current at normal voltage, how do you prevent the relays in the MPP solar from switching back and forth from...
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    Sunny Boy SB8000US for off grid?

    I have my eyes set on a good deal for a NOS unit on ebay (item #152508794351). I have been researching the specs and I like that's a SMA, using Low Frequency transfomer, true sine wave unit. What I can't find out and needing tour help if you could, is finding it out if it's a grid-tie inverter...
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    Alex's Workshop Powerwall

    Hello, After reading a lot of good information I decided to start project #1/5: to outfit our 5th wheel camper RV with 4x165W PV panels and 2S2P lead acide batteries for 208Ah of usable 12V. The system was designed to be self sustainable up to 1500W continuous draw (mainly to be able to use A/C...
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    South Carolina Powerwall

    Hi Y'all (some say All Y'all for plural) I have been tinkering with alt-energy for the last decade. Did my own biodiesel, installed PV system for my golf cart, then my RV (660W/208Ah 12V system). I want the house to be off grid one day. In 2012 we leased a LEAF for 2 years and since we...
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    South Carolina Powerwall

    Messed up