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    batrium wifi

    Well Well surprise surprise yet another fault with my batrium . Ok so i have done the update for the watchmon tool kit to 2.0.12 followed all the update instructions as per the batrium web site. now my wifi on the batrium will not connect. I have tried different modems different laptops moved...
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    batrium thermal control fault

    Hi my cooling fans will no longer turn off with my batrium wm4 . Looks like output B will not turn off the NEG output even if i switch it from auto mode to manual off mode . Could it be a FET fault ? I have also tested the heat side output A and it will not turn on. don't want my fans running...
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    Feedback on System Design

    Hi all waiting on most of my part to be sent . This is my plan could you please let me know if it looks ok i want it to be safe as i can get it . Just trying to cover 300 - 600 watts per hr from 7pm to 6 am. Can the pcm60x ground be connected to my house ground ?
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    AC Charge controller

    Hi all not sure if this has been asked before . so here we go . I havealmost got enough cell to finish off my 10 kwh battery pack 14s 80p (18650 cells). I have a 4.7 kw grid tie solar system on my house and on average i feed back into the grid 2500-3000 watts so about 15kWh a day . can i get a...