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    Batrium Improvements

    Unfortunately the hardware design of WatchMon WM5, WM7 and MM8 does not come equipped with an onboard ambient temperature sensor. There are temperature sensors on the module however these are there to monitor the heatsink for the bypass functionality, being so closely located the ambient...
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    Batrium WatchMon 5 and Leaf Cells

    The Supervisorlimit is 250 cells, allowinganother 15 MultiMon but untested, thus far we the most we have added was8slave modules.
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    Batrium WatchMon 5 and Leaf Cells

    WatchMonPlus (WM5) canbe expanded tohave extra cell monitoring using the new MultiMon-MM8 module, it allows you to add more parallel banks of batteries as required. The MM8is about to be launch in the coming weeks, just held upwhilst we finalise the documentation. From testing ona few projects...
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    %SOC on/off under batrium

    Maybe the community should write the logic rules that you think would suit your requirement. After we have seen consensus from the group where others can also embrace the function it can be added to the options. Please assume that this will trigger the relay output which is wired accordingly to...
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    Batrium Same Cellvolt Bypass

    Dont use Same Cellvolt Bypass function, it is a obsolete functionprior to AutoLevel.The optionAutoLevelisavailable for general public use for chemistry other than LiFePO4.Same CellVoltremains available fora specificcustomer project that is not for general use, hence why itsnot documented.
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    batrium wifi

    Best to reach out tothe support team tohelp you investigatevia email
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    BMS integration to Victron + system design

    Its not ideal to run multiple cell monitors. Except temporarilywhilst a cell block is in recovery when you are addinga cell blockwith a different SoC% to the rest of the battery string. Eachcell monitor consumes 1.4mA so a single unit is significantbetter than multiple to keep the system in...
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    Watchmon 4 onboard output

    HeadRc there are more than 70 conversation's backand forth from you to the team, which would have been far easier if not for thelimitation you stipulated.Currently our support happens via the support system and TeamViewer remote access,not here. Its after midnight here in Australia, I am very...
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    Watchmon 4 onboard output

    Based on the recent discussion we have revised the support article about the fan and otherswhilst we are updating the new support system. It covers a few refinements 1. include the wiring diagram fromthe fan video with the DC-DC on...
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    TopMon information request

    Always best to email as we dont check here that frequently.TopMon'sare a variant of the popular Longmon's with eyelets at both ends for direct positive/negative power connectionto simplify mounting and wiring. My recollectionthe original project usedM4 bolts. You just add the...
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    Batrium WM4 sticky state?

    This sounds unusual, your best method forsupportis via our normal emailhelp desk so that we can investigate with you
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    Feedback about revised version of Batrium - ExpansionBoard

    Before the next fabrication of the ExpansionBoard we are looking to revise the module to give it more options.Theexisting 4 FET digital outputs have been upgraded to handle 65V4A instead ofeither 12V4A or 65V 1.5A. In additionreducing the mechanical relays from 4 to 2 can give room toadopt SSR...
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    Watchmon Toolkit 2.0.7 for Watchmon4

    Version 2.0.7 was finally migrated out of beta to live production today for Watchmon4. Over the last 3 weeks this beta releasehas been downloadedonto approx100 systems and there has been no reported reason to delay this become the live production release...
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    Really frustrating Batrium experience!

    Hi Pine Marten, Maxine has replied to several of your requests advising you that neither Watchmon5/6 are not available yet as well as other questions. If you want to chat then book a teamviewer session so that we can discuss the specifics...
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    Batrium: software & firmware update

    Hi Sean , We keep asking if you can book a session for us to have a look at your system and work though both your requirements and current configuration. When we look at your configuration this can determine if there are any adjustments, problems or if some other issue is impacting the process...
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    Batrium & Conext Integration

    Each device on the Schneider modbus network has to be individually spoken tovia the CommBoxtorevise their specifictarget charge/discharge limits and switch operating modes. Hence every configuration scenario is different, for example the scenarios we have had requests: XW inverter plusConext RL...
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    Batrium: Shunt timeouts

    Just to update the conversation. Lessthan a monthago we were made aware of a Shunt Lockup issue from a couple of a beta tester on the 1.0.32.RC3 (beta) release. Hence we startedinvestigatingthe problemand developingafix. Being a intermittent problemthat takes a couple of daysto occur it...
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    Batrium: software & firmware update

    Background the software/firmwarereleases are dependant on the version of hardware that you are running Watchmon1 - stable (production) release 1.0.30 Watchmon4 - stable (production)release 1.0.31 For public releases we are trying to group them into3-6 month scheduled updates to be less...