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    Initial thoughts on connecting inverters with ATS

    I have been trying to put some though into how everything goes together, I think I have have an understating after reviewing some videos, like @daromer youtube series onATS Switches - But I would like to get some feedback to make sure I am heading down the right path.
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    Cell testing spreadsheet

    Sorry it's taking so long but I am trying to learn Yii2 as I build it. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    WTF - 4029mAh 16850

    I re-ran the test, and it looks like the first one was an anomaly. Also from what I understand the maH is still tested on the discharge cycle, but the opus makes sure the battery is full first. The reason I fell that to be true it here is what I have observed. Part 1: charges till battery...
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    WTF - 4029mAh 16850

    This morning when I got to my desk I found something odd... I looked again and sure enough on my Opus BT-3100 v2.2 #3 I see 4029mAh... I must be still asleep... so I went back upstairs and got some coffee, when I came back, yea, it's still there.. So time to verify, it is now running in my...
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    3 phase hydro

    I know SMA has windyboy inverters for wind turbines, and I want to say I saw one called a waterboy for hydro, but I cant find it now. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    extending a "professional" powerwall...?

    I am looking to use the SMA Sunny Island, it is there battery inverter series. It has 2 AC in/out puts, so it is easy to keep the battery only supplying loads.
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    The 1.21GW Powerwall

    Yea, sort of.... cell 100 tested, .... and it has 471 mAh [emoji32] .... oh well maybe 200 will be better.
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    Advice on what I found in a HP pack

    As of this morning (less than 24 hours)3 are down to 4.08, and 1 is 4.11. I don't have a good feeling because they got hot as well. so it's ok, I will let them go, and keep testing others.
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    Advice on what I found in a HP pack

    Since I was working from home today, I decided to try and charge up the 4 good cells from this pack.... all 4 took over 7 hours (VERY Long) to charge in my Nitecore, and C4 Miboxer chargers, and became heaters... after they reached 50c and were still not to 4.20. I pulled them. As the...
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    Heat Shrink Lables

    Hello, Has anyone tried to use heat shrink labels on their batteries? I am building a website to help track my batteries and I am noticing the the black sharpie marker keeps rubbing off some of the batteries, this is back for long term tracking. So I am looking at labels, but they are MAD...
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    Advice on what I found in a HP pack

    While pulling apart packs tonight, I ran into this tonight... Should I consider all 6 battery dead, or should I still take the time to check out the rest of the packs.
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    The 1.21GW Powerwall

    Yea, I have done a lot of soldering in my rc car days.... so I thought it would be good to pick up a new skill. I like the way it looks when the fuses are spot welded, so I will give it a shot. If it doesn't work out, then I learned something new. Yea, I know it is a big number, but why not...
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    The 1.21GW Powerwall

    Hello everyone, I have been doing a lot of reading, watching, and learning over the last month, and I am starting down my paths. Here are the goals I am trying to reach... By the end of my life I want to be able to store 1.21 GW, so a can go Back to the Future! To get there I am going to...
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    Solar fuse/switch AED 4P20A manual?

    I have seen this kind of setup before on the sides of 3 pole breakers, why would you loop through it and then come back out?
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    Batrium guides - A set of Youtube videos guiding you in Batrium jungle

    Daromer, I have some noobquestions about the shunt trips. Is the one that come from Batrium also disconnect the power? If it does, why not use that one? The next question, it looks like each of the legs are independent, so if you have the 100A model, you could come into do a set up like...
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    Small offgrid system - need oppinions and suggestions

    I am thinking I might try to reach back in time, and try to build a pack that can store 1.21GW.
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    Whats the secret to opening laptop packs?

    I am working on my 6th laptop pack, and I keep asking my self there has to be a beter way, I have 85 HP packs, left and love the work, it just seams like there is something I am missing.
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    Cell testing spreadsheet

    The hosting provider I use is still on an older version of Php and I can not get Yii2 running on it. I was thinking about spinning up a docker container her at my house, but I wanted to keep it offsite.
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    Cell testing spreadsheet

    I will help you do a bulk import of your data once I get it abit more complete. I will be adding charge dates as something to track. Maybe we can share some code as I suck as a php developer. But I had to start somewhere.
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    Cell testing spreadsheet

    I know it doesn't look like much yet, but I am starting to work on the site. So far I am going to have tracking for Voltage over time, Capacity Tracking over time, Internal Impedance over time. The ability to track number of each type of cell in the database...