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    What are some practical techniques for sorting cells in bulk quickly?

    Expanding on this topic, I am curious to see what others are doing for storage of these after sorting them. I've followed Wolf's idea of tagging the cells, and putting them into a spreadsheet. I started to put all the cells of the same type into a box, so a box of INR18650-15M, INR18650-15Q...
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    IR testing with OPUS - Post #4 (not sure how to link this) "I did the OPUS wire mod and it made absolutely no difference in the readings."
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    IR testing with OPUS

    Aren't the spring ends insulated? So it doesn't touch the battery? The tracks seem to be on the front where the negative terminal is attached, so if anything wiring against the negative connection and the track endpoint would be the way to go, but it is a pain to mess around with, and have to...
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    [Aus] Possibility for some cheap cells from these things.

    Hey all, I found these portable battery bases for Google Home Mini - they are discounted now to $5 each. I haven't been able to venture out to get one yet to see what's inside. They are rated at 10,000mAh battery capacity...
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    DIY Charger for 7S/29.4V ?

    The iCharger would be great as well - there is a really big debate on *cough* another forum where they are telling people to not use a BMS or anything else there and just use a voltage meter with a charger such as the iCharger, to do the charge/balance. I would agree with OffGridInTheCity and...
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    DIY Charger for 7S/29.4V ?

    I would consider just purchasing a 7s charger, it is cheaper and less messing around than a DIY job for this bit. You would need to build a CC/CV charge circuit to work with the BMS. When I was looking at this, it was far cheaper for me to purchase an electric scooter charger which uses CC/CV...
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    Samsung naming convention?

    Hi. I've been looking around and haven't found a reference to the batteries I have been gifted. They are marked as INR18650-15U (?) - I have found other variants and it seems the letter at the end is a code for the max discharge rate but there doesn't seem to be a chart to reference this. I...
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    IR testing with OPUS

    I can't even trust it - I put in a cell and it came up as 68, then changed the mode setting to charge, then back to quick test, to get a new value of 158... Definitely get yourself an IR tester - this way you can also test reliably without having to have the battery charged!
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    Soldering 18650s

    Wow - 35J ??? The cables would have jumped heaps when you did the welds! I spot weld between 15-18J and find that works quite well for me.
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    Removing cells from Ego 56V battery packs

    Hi all, I thought I would update you all on the progress. I tested on an old battery that I knew had almost no charge that was not going to be recovered. I have been able to separate the cells out of the holder, with cutting it using the mini grinding disc/dremel. Once I was able to get them...
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    Removing cells from Ego 56V battery packs

    Here are some pictures: Cell Layout: View of the nickel strip that is holding the cells in place: View of one of the cells, when I have rolled back the spot weld after prying the end up: The strips seem to be really thick nickel, or maybe nickel coated copper(?) as when I have tried to...
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    Removing cells from Ego 56V battery packs

    Hi all, I have had success with most other battery packs, however I have a batch of Ego 56V battery packs that I seem unable to extract the cells from. No matter how carefully I pry the spot welding off, it always results in the positive cap being removed at the same time. They seem to be...
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    Machine-readable cell database

    I think this would have to be scraped, as each is linked to a specific page with data on the cell. I did find one online that is in google docs, however that has not been updated in years and has a lot of "??" in it, so it might not be too useful for what you are doing.
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    disassemble battery pack ? question?

    I've come across a few with nickel plated copper as well rather than steel. The cutting disc ended up being copper coated and didn't cut at all after doing a few of the packs. I have used needle nosed pliers and rolled them back while placing pressure against the cell, to avoid putting holes in...
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    Spot welding help.

    I would not recommend attempting to perform a spot weld with the TIG machine. Are they definitely nickel strips or nickel coated strips? And how thick? This will make a difference. From what I have seen with the KWeld people are welding with around 18ms and 1300A (around 30J) but this will...
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    Batrium and Australian smoke detectors

    I've actually done something a little different to detect the smoke detector - I have used an Arduino and detected a loud sound via microphone, and put the mic near the smoke detector so that I can trigger based on smoke detector alarm. This might false trigger if you have a lot of loud noises...
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    Have all the scrap cells gone yet?
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    Device recommendation-Samsung INR18650-20R

    This is probably dependent on pricing as well - I would think the INR18650-29E would be a minor upgrade and probably not much more than the INR18650-20R's. You could go to the higher capacity cells, but I am not sure if there will be much benefit given for runtime.