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    Some cells take 20 hours in my Opus...

    Ive had a couple samsung cells that even sitting overnight on the charger their voltage just doesnt rise, most likely high IR...
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    Sent you a DM^^

    Sent you a DM^^
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    Best way to discharge test a 12 cell 3.7v 18650 pack

    Hi all, do any of you have any ideas on the best way to discharge test a 3.7v nominal 18650 pack? i use it as a solar powered power bank so at the moment i'm just using it to charge stuff through a USB current logger, but of course its going to take forever since at the bare minimum there'll be...
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    Got a whole ton of 18650's sitting around, many rewrapped, got a couple UR18650As and...

    Got a whole ton of 18650's sitting around, many rewrapped, got a couple UR18650As and ICR18650-22Es along with a couple LGES318650, going for around ~£2 per cell, let me know if yall wanna buy any, UK only cause shipping is dumb
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    disassemble battery pack ? question?

    I can usually peel off the nickel strips with a pair of pliers and just rolling it up, havent found a pack yet that that hasnt worked on^^
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    Wanted: 'Dead' 18650 cells for spot welding practice NW England

    Damn, wish i saw this yesterday cause i just threw out a lot of dead cells... local council does recycling for em, ill let you know when i get some more duds, my luck with recycling cells has been pretty good recently!
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Couldn't find these in the database, some Panasonic CGR17670s which seem to be fairly rare, don't see many posts about them
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    The dodgiest RaspberryPi UPS in existence

    Hey all, so since i'm sick of having my RPis corrupt after a couple sudden poweroffs here and there and after a power outage yesterday that entirely killed one of my SD cards, i decided to make a very low effort UPS for my main one. I use this one as a server for Pihole and also as a web server...
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    Best 6v solar panels

    Hi all, fairly new around here, i have a 6v solar system set up with just a couple 6v1w panels (6 to be exact) to charge a bank of 18650s, does anyone have any recommendations for high efficiency and fairly low cost solar panels?
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    I found my way here after getting bored and searching up some cells in my tupperware-box-of-cells-i-ripped-out-of-old-laptop-packs (tm) and stumbled across the cell database
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    Rust inside shrink wrap

    Yeah, i mainly get my cells from old laptop packs and i've had a couple VERY rusted ones come my way, just toss and move on cause i don't feel like a) getting tetanus b) burning my house down with a rusted battery