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    Tesla Model 3 battery dissasembly

    Hi all, I got 2 Model 3 battery packs not far away from me that are salvaged from damaged cars, the price is very reasonable if you calculate it... it would cost about €0,55/per cell. However the way the battery is constructed it is not possible to reuse the 4 "packs" as a whole and it is...
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    Richie`s Modular Powerwall (Germany) 21kWh+

    Nice and clean job! How does the negative side of your packs look like?
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    start building new battery for ESS system in Belgium

    In this part of our country snow is very rare. Altough the other string I'm about to build will be tilted more for winter efficiency .
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    start building new battery for ESS system in Belgium

    Those PCB's are for a small independent system, in my opinion this design is not suitable/efficient for big systems. I have been playing with kweld and that is the way to go.. Still talking with my Panasonic contacts for good wholesalers. If you're interested in a Belgian group buy let me know ?
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    start building new battery for ESS system in Belgium

    Since 1,5 years I'm collecting our electricity consumption with an ABB B23 meter > modbus > ESP8266 > mqtt > node-red > MySQL & Graphite > Grafana. So I'm very well aware of our habits :-) Total yearly usage is 4300kWh @ 1200. The average base load of the house is about 200w, with the new...
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    price buying "recycled" packs

    No far from where I live a company specialized in recycling IT and electronics stuff sells "laptop batteries" at 10/kg. As the origin or stateis not know this seems not realistic: An 8-cell packs weighs +/-450g so you have +/- 20 cells for 10. At a 35% attrition rate for let's say 1800mAh+one...
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    JST-XH WIFI Modules

    Hi Mike, You might find some interesting code on this page to merge into the project:
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    Glubux's Powerwall

    Would you mind sharing your Victron shopping list with us? :) The small bits are not clear on the pictures.