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  1. Peter T

    What is this plug is

    Anyone know what this connector is. Just want to order some more plug's, I've got load of ribbon cable.
  2. Peter T

    3D Printer fillerment

    Ok, So We, I.e My Bro ordered a 3D printer, that on it's way. what fillerment do you use ????. I work in the Plastics recycling industrury. And Below is a few link's to the product's we use, to give Plastic diffrent proprieties Wellsantioxidants -...
  3. Peter T

    MPT-7210A Power consumption

    Anyone tested the ppwer consumptionof this unit. When i'm showing 10wats of power coming in, in the shade, my 18650's hardly charge.
  4. Peter T

    International space station battery's

    Ok so I'm sat here having a cuppa before work. And I'm thinking. What sort of batteries are used on the issue. As lead acid far to heavy to send to space.
  5. Peter T

    2 12v panels. 24v system one panel in the shade.

    I'm going from a 2 panel 12v system in parallel. To a 2 panelse system in series. Now my panel are ateach end of the house. I'll guess there be find as one get the morning sun. And the other late on. So will it be OK with one panel pumping out power while the other not ?
  6. Peter T

    Ok, not a powerwall. But a Solar powered Raspberry pi

    Hi all. Found this site after seeing some video on HBPowerwall on Youtube, Great stuff btw. Anyhow my project. So far I have a 40W panel facing SW, Not great but that the only place I can mount it to the outside wall. This 40W panel feed's a cheap PWM solar controller. which is charging a 12V...
  7. Peter T

    Hello from Sheffield, UK

    Hi alll From Sheffield, Uk. 53v Deg North. Will be looking for tip's on my simplr Solar Pi Project.