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  1. Sean

    Batrium: Using multiple mons to increase total bypass current.

    Has anyone implemented (in a production system) multiple mons on a single cell in order to increase the total per cell bypass current as per Daniels recomendation in a related thread ?
  2. Sean

    Batrium: Toolkit current version .30 or .31 ?

    I'm now led to understand that .30 is the current public release ? - its detailed here But, the howto DL link points to .31 - which is what I have However, the...
  3. Sean

    Batrium: broken links

    I've started this thread to record the broken links found on the Batrium site, hopefully someone will benefit. - "read more" not found. - link to wiring diagram not...
  4. Sean

    PV array: Lightning protection.

    Following some confusion elsewhere about the use of diodes as a means of lightning protection, perhaps a separate thread might help separate and clarify. Generally they are wired across the DC output from the array, and the ACfeed, and provide a low resistance to PE under fault conditions...
  5. Sean

    Batrium: Remote charge targets & Eltek 2000HE

    As per some recent threads I'm wanting to control charge rate using an external charger over can. This setup is nicely documented here, so I'm assuming its proven as functional by Batrium, but it's only partially functional in my test setup...
  6. Sean

    Batrium: software & firmware update

    So, in order to resolve another issue with the shunt and canbus randomness I thought I'd better check the versions. The toolkit updater tells me I've got a newer version than current installed (how is that possible) The firmware updater fails whilst doing the DOS teensy connect. Comms...
  7. Sean

    Batrium: Shunt timeouts

    Anyone seeing random behaviour fromthe 500A 650v Batrium shunt ? Small Leaf test pack to prove some control logic, max current through the shunt not greater than 25A via an Eltek, or 10A via PV. The pack has been sat connected for a few weeks, probably low three figureAh throughput -...
  8. Sean

    Pre charge (arc suppression)

    Nearly all projects on here will need it, some much more than others. How are you doing it ? I'm using theLeafs contactor pack complete, twin high amp DC relays, single low amp relay for precharge resistor, all withina compact form.
  9. Sean

    Batrium: Eltek Flat pack 2000

    A few notes for anyone wanting to grid charge using the 48v 2000w HE - in this instance into a reconfigured full Leaf traction pack. The Batrium how to linked below is almost correct, with the exception of the scaling factors. They state that scaling for both V & Ishould be 100. On my setup I...
  10. Sean


    I'm finally getting round to installing these, connectivity documentation for these is non existent, but following that of the other mons I suspect it's as it should be. So I've followed the setup "wizard" - telling it there's 6 mons etc, but it's not seeing them all. Occasionally, I've seen a...
  11. Sean

    A note/warning for UK folks

    There's a seller on eBay selling multiple lots of HP packs, for on average 70 per 20 packs, each pack has 6 cells. I'll post an image below to help you identify the seller. Dont waste your money on these. Ive been lucky enough to get more than enough cells forvery little money - while I've...