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    A possible version of bus bars

    Hi guys, just want to give an advise/idea for possible bus bars. I've got some shilding braid (shilding wires inside of cables). Thinner is 4,4 square millimeters and thicker is 8,8 square millimeters. Look at pictures: See you... BigBen
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    Prismatic cells

    Hi folks, unexpectedly I've got some laptop barreties with prismatic cells. First I wanted abondon this offer but later on I thougth I will give them a try. It was a really hard work to pull them out of housing - it has to be done very carefully, not to bend them, not to press, not to destroy...
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    Hello from Germany

    Hello to everyone! I'm BigBen and just by chance I discovered few months ago Pete's PowerWall - thank you so much, Pete! I'm living in very south from Germany only 4 km away from Switzerland nearby to the lake Constance. Since 4 years I'm running my first photovoltaic system with 2 kWp power...