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  1. Sean

    Coleman Air C160M

    Oddly, you appearable to quote what I've posted, butnot able to actually read and comprehend what I've posted. I'm not sure how to explain the point more simplistically for you. Perhaps you didnt read the second paragraph ......
  2. Sean

    Coleman Air C160M

    Follow the Coleman schematics please, do NOT install a BMS inline and/or before the Coleman controller. Ideally, a BMS would be configured to signal the WT load diversion in the event of a fault condition (pack or cell under/over voltage etc) in addition to load disconnection and commence/cease...
  3. Sean

    DIN Rail Fuse Holders

    22x58 - lots of reputable manufacturers (Bussman/Ferraz/Weidmuller)
  4. Sean

    So It Begins

    The module mounting holes are sleeved, you can't over compress the modules if you use the OEM mounting frames and threaded rod.
  5. Sean

    So It Begins

    If they were purchased from a vehicle breakers or scrap yard there'sa chance they'llcome from vehicles that have been written off. I only purchase batterysthat are allready out of a vehicle if I can plug in and confirm the mileage and SoH.
  6. Sean

    So It Begins

    Unless you can confirm the SoH and miles of the donor vehicle, make sure you capacity test each module. If you dont you'll likely find an annoying capacity mismatch when you assemble them into parallel cell packs, and start discharging them. Dont expect the Leafmons to manage the capacity...
  7. Sean

    I already have solar, how do I add batteries?

    No need to overcomplicate the design .... 3ph specific detail:
  8. Sean

    Ideas to mount leaf cells..

    MPII max charge voltage is 64v, as per the MPPTs, perfect for a 16S system that's very kind to your cells.
  9. Sean

    Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)

    The brake calipers stick on all of ours, lack of use etc.
  10. Sean

    Combine separate arrays or not

    Export limited AC coupling as part of a energy storage system worksrather well, obviously requiresa suitable inverter/charger - any surplus that would normally have to be curtailed is fed to the battery.
  11. Sean

    Protecting cells from damp air.

    I'd ... Take the entire board off, Blackjack all walls, floor and ceiling - while it's going off tightly fit the rigid insulation (XPS has a much higher compressive strength) expanding foam any gaps, foil tape all joints - Thunderbolt the board back to the wall (through the insulation) -...
  12. Sean

    Protecting cells from damp air.

    Not insulating the existing house wall, to which your battery board is affixed will negate the effectiveness of any other insulation you do fit - the house wall willlikely be a cavity wall, so will be at external ambient, will form a cold and moisture bridgeto the outside of your enclosure and...
  13. Sean

    Chuck's 18650 14S120P+1 UK Powerwall.

    Earth rod clamps, so screw thread compression.
  14. Sean

    Protecting cells from damp air.

    It's likely a little late now, but ideally you should have insulated your external enclosure - including a vapour barrier, using the same construction methods seen in timber framed buildings - so effectively airtight. At some point soon you'll be pondering how to protect your cells from the...
  15. Sean

    Chris's Build Thread

    Yeah that's nice, but my TV is bigger than your TV
  16. Sean

    cell matching brand new 18650

    How accurate is your test equipment ? The negligible +/- 30mAh is likely a combination of a slight cell capacity difference and your testers inaccuracyandrepeatability.
  17. Sean

    ON7RU's 18650 Modular 48V - 8KWh powerwall (Belgium)

    Very tidy, but that hedge needs to go.
  18. Sean

    Testing cells EV battery module

    Yes - and despite what was mentioned above, cells arranged to form a parallel pack will only be at the same voltage when there is no charge/discharge current- under any charge/discharge there WILL be a differing voltage on each cell, the voltage delta across the parallel pack will depend on how...