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    Selling 99x Panasonic NCR 18650B 3400mAh 3.7v Flat Top - In-person in Melbourne, Australia and nearby

    I was going to build an ebike battery but decided against it. Now I have 99 batteries that are sitting there ready to be sold :) I've had them since January and they haven't been used for any project. They've been fully charged at 4.2v since February. This was an auction but I've decided to...
  2. M

    New builder - advice on best cell testing methods/options in 2022?

    Hi all, I'm a RV/caravan solar installer who's been lurking on and off here for years, wanting to do an 18650 build, but just never had the time, or the cells. As it happens, both finally presented themselves to me at once. I've packed in the business and in doing so, by chance found a regular...
  3. A

    18650 Increasing capacity on each test cycle

    Hi, First post on this forum or any forum ever. Hope this post is in the right spot on the forum, if not i am sorry :) I've got a weird case with about 40 18650 from Panasonic CGR18650CG recovered from old laptop batteries i think (link to Cell Data specs bellow) that increases in capacity for...
  4. T

    outgassing 18650 spot weld

    I have a question I have already welded a few batteries without any problems. now with my 13s6p for an ebike i noticed that bubbles form on the minus side of a cell at the welding point and outgassing something from the battery. I think the spot weld was too deep and caused a small opening. I...
  5. J

    26 AWG solid silver-plated OFHC copper wire as a fuse?

    I am looking for a reliable inexpensive fuse wire option for 18650 batteries (2500-2600 mAH). I I am working on my first 3s battery pack and would like to fuse each cell for safety. I have rolls of wire wrap and was wondering if I can use them for each cell. Any suggestions?
  6. O

    Affordable fast charging for 48v system

    Hi everyone, This is my first post, but I've been absorbing all the amazing information on this forum. Truly awesome. So I have an array of 40x 48v 13S6P packs with Panasonic NCR18650BD cells that I am prepping for my camper van build. It's going to be great having ~35kWh of capacity in a van...
  7. E

    Mounting 18650 cell packs on DIN rails

    I wanted to share a 3d printed mounting bracket design that I made to mount 18650 cell packs on DIN rails. I believe this can be advantageous for diy powerwall builds because of the following factors: DIN rails are a standard industry component which can be easily purchased instead of ordering...
  8. J

    SOLD Tenergy Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical 3.7V 2600mAh Button Top (San Diego, CA USA)

    We have 1,969 new Tenergy 18650 batteries for sale. Asking $1.90 a cell, can offer a discount with a large quantity purchase. sales@smecomp.com for more information PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT The Recommended Battery for Premium Flashlights, Lighting & Other Devices Internal PCB protection prevents...
  9. S

    [SOLD] Open box, Uncycled Samsung INR18650 32E Cells

    Cells were packed into Ninebot battery packs that never got used. They were incredibly difficult to extract; I really commend whoever designed this pack. From start to finish, removing these cells from one pack took about 4 hours. That being considered, some cell wrappers sustained damage from...
  10. S

    Charging 18650 pack in Paralel

    First sory for some mistake in my writing my native language is not english My idea of charging 18650 in series from diferent tools lamps in PARALEL etc First normal i charging them with chinese Bms 3 4 5 S but after some time they failed so one night i come with a idea to charging them...
  11. D

    What is the average impedance of new 18650 cells?

    I’ve found manufacturers specs that say new cells shouldn’t exceed anything from 70-100 mΩ but that doesn’t tell me what the average impedance would be for new cells. Obviously it’s not going to be 0 but I’d just like to know what y’all expect impedance of new cells to be to give me a better...
  12. P

    Building my first pack, need some help.

    Hello, I am planning to build my first 18650 7s battery pack for my small home which uses roughly 2kWh per day. Currently im running on two 150Watts solar panels in series and two 40Ah Lead acid batteries with a 24v Inverter which has solar charge controller built in. Im not running the house...
  13. D

    Grad Student Looking for Research in used Lithium 18650 Cells

    Hello, I'm a first semester graduate student in the USA and I have recently gotten super interested in Lithium Batteries! I have a ton of used 18650 cell's I've harvested from all sorts of products and while I was building an E-bike battery last year I was beating my head against the wall trying...
  14. A

    Need help identifying 18650 cells

    Hello everyone, I was going through my assortment of cells and found some (6) that I cannot find any data on. Here is a picture of one of the Cells: The Text on them says: N18650 T11R R02S The last set of numbers varys from cell to cell (16119, 16174, 16175, 16129, 16419 16207) Does anyone...
  15. A

    Question about battery pack

    Hello everyone, I have a battery pack (from an electric lawnmover) that I want to rebuid. One of the cells has gone bad (measuring 0V and it looks burn or something leaked below the red tape). The pack consists of 10 LG LGDBHE21865 Cells and works out to 36V 2,5Ah. Since only 1 cell is bad...
  16. Emiel

    [CLOSED] For sale in the Netherlands (EU): 17 kW powerwall kit

    Located in the Netherlands, Europe. Pickup only, no shipping. Who will finish my Powerwall project? Build your own powerwall of 18650 cells? I'm selling you a set that will kick start your project! Average capacity of the cells is 2800mAh. The cells are individually tested on an Opus BT-C3100...
  17. The Kilowatt Challenge

    Megacell Chargers & RC3563

    Hi all, Video discussing the changes I've made to cell processing now that I'm using the Megacell Chargers and an RC3563 @Wolf gets a shout-out as well! ;-) Cheers all, Darren a.k.a. -> @The Kilowatt Challenge
  18. Y

    52v 13Ah 14s5p - new - Austria (ship to EU/Russia)

    Hi people 🙂 if any one needs: - 7 cycles, 1.5 month old - 52v 14s5p 13Ah - new is sold for 380$ - I’m in Austria: can ship to EU, Russia, Switzerland • send me your offer 👌😊 I believe 190€ would be fair for such new pack
  19. M

    Test rig for SM8124A

    Using the SM8124A was always inconvenient to use, the wires are sturdy, a bit to short and you need more hands than 2 to use it with speed. So I made this simple rig for you guys and girls to enjoy, and maybe someone can use the idea as well. In the video you can see how it is used, but there...
  20. 1

    I have a stupid question

    How many mm of nickel strip do I use for 3S and 4S, and how do I put 3S or 4S in parallel