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  1. J

    Samsung, LG, Sony 21700 cells for sale - California USA

    We have Samsung, LG and Sony cells for sale. All testing new. Price and quantity are below. Take all for $6,500. Pick up in San Marcos, CA. We can put it on a pallet and get shipping quotes if needed. Email Sales@smecomp.com if you're interested. Name Qty Price/Each Samsung INR21700-50g 95...
  2. thunderheart

    Samsung 21700 battery battle - 50G vs 48G vs 50E

    Original article: https://www.thunderheartreviews.com/202 ... rison.html Samsung has a good lineup of 21700 Li-ion batteries and when i tested INR21700-50G i thought it would be interesting to test INR21700-48G cell too because the new batch of 48Gs came in green heat shrink tube (the version i...
  3. J

    New 21700SA-4000mAh batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh batteries for sale (USA)

    We have a large quantity of brand new 21700SA-4000mAh ($7 each) batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh ($8 each) batteries. Discount with quantity. Please let me know if you have any questions or want more information. Check out secondlifelithium.com or email sales@smecomp.com for more info.
  4. N

    32 various like-new 21700 cells for sale

    I have 32 assorted 21700 cells for sale. These cells were bought for research and development purposes and have been cycled 2 times or less. Some of them have never been cycled at all. Here is a list of the cell types and quantities: 5x Efest 5000 mah 10 amp max discharge 5x Vapecell...
  5. thunderheart

    My battery holder ver.4.0 with 4-wire connection support

    Hi guys. It's been a long time i didn't post here and here i'm back:) All this time i was thinking on making a new holder for my tests and eventually i've designed and made one which i'm ready to show you. Here it is - my holder version 4.0. All your thoughts are precious for me so don't...