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  1. I

    Batrium MQTT, WatchMonUdpListener Help

    I'm pretty new to linux and Rasberry Pi but I do have some basic knowledge. I have a pi 2 b+ with hardwired internet. I have a MQTT broker in my home automation software (Homeseer) local ip is I'm trying to get my Batrium Data into Homeseer via my MQTT Broker. I have a fresh...
  2. slimf

    Batrium Feature - Ramped Charge Targets

    I have written a blog article about the new Ramped Charge Targets feature of the Batrium BMS. You can view it here: I would appreciate any feedback anyone has on this feature. The documentation and UI is...
  3. D

    Batrium WM5 !Critical!

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, I have been running my system (PIP-MK, WM5 BMS) without too much trouble apart from I had a voltage regulator cook that ran the cooling system and as a result, blew the Supply voltage for its self and the BMS. I had a bit of trouble getting the BMS working again and...
  4. Finihen


    Batrium: - WatchMonitor 4 - Expansion board - ShuntMon 500A - 10 x BlockMon - 2 x 120A/12V latching relays - wires, etc the small stuff in perfect condition, very lightly used in my Yacht Lifepo4 system. I’ll only send to European countries. OFFERS!
  5. Sleonard2649

    Batrium WatchMon5 firmware device error

    I received my Batrium package yesterday (yay!!) and was going through the initial setup when I ran into an issue on step 3. The WM5 firmware update stalled and when I restarted the process with the ESP32 Firmware Updater, I got "Error: No Response From Device". Drivers and COM Port are good. I...