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  1. Muchomad

    Which Tesla batteries best to buy for PowerWall?

    Hello mates. I would like to build my own power storage based on Tesla batteries, like some of you. I'd like to ask you for opinion which battery from those which I can get I should buy and why or maybe you adwice the other way to do it? Tesla S 85D z 2016 72000km 12803euro = 150euro/1KW Tesla...
  2. S

    Drill / Power Tools / High Drain cells in Laptop batteries?

    I have seen discussions about replacing power tool high drain 3.7v Li-ion cells with laptop batteries NOT being a good idea (low power drain 3.7v cells in laptop packs). But what about replacing laptop battery cells with power tool cells? Please also comment about issues regarding power tool...
  3. J

    New 21700SA-4000mAh batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh batteries for sale (USA)

    We have a large quantity of brand new 21700SA-4000mAh ($7 each) batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh ($8 each) batteries. Discount with quantity. Please let me know if you have any questions or want more information. Check out or email for more info.
  4. CUDAcores89

    [SELLING-US/MI] PRICE DROP 12v/14.8v 30000mah Powerizer PL-9059156-1C PR-CU-R574 Batteryspace Lipo Batteries

    I have 28 of these. This is a copy directly from the eBay listing I have for these batteries. For sale is one Powerizer 12v 14.8v 30000mah PR-CU-R574 Lipo battery. This battery was used for only a few cycles in a prototype environment and is ready for resale. The grey 3-pin connector is a...