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    How can I check for how much current my BMS is rated for?

    Hey guys, this is my first post so bare with me if I don't follow the etiquette here :) So I wanted to try and dive into DIY home energy storage and found a guy who gave me 900ish cells for free to tinker with. Included was a BMS without labels whatsoever... After digging around I found on the...
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    Selling Murata battery modules for recycling in Melbourne Australia

    Good day guys, I have over 30 Murata battery modules they are 1.5 kV they were in Fronius battery systems. They are ideal for recycling and giveing them a second Life. They are located in Melbourne for more info please drop me an email at Obviously cash on pick up and...
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    Day one of build

    Hi, I'm fairly new to anything of this sort and have no prior knowledge to what I have picked up today, whilst trying to put together a solar build for my van conversion. This in mind I have been stuck for a while with the problem of safely storing and managing the batteries I have purchased...
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    Handheld Computer battery packs

    Hello folks, I am about to create a Power Wall for my 7,2kW photovoltaic system. I am now looking for batteries. And I have the chance to get a big bunch of mobile computer batteries for free which have never been used or only little used. One battery back consists of 2x18650 with in total...
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    only cells in particular position is discharging. Why?

    i made 2 battery packs(16s8p,48ah) with 128(32650,lifepo4,6ah) cells each. The bms i am using can do 50A continuous and 100A peak. when i applied load of 500watts, bms is cutting off the battery. same for both the packs. i am attaching the picture of bms software of each pack. it is seen that on...