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  1. zurkeyon

    Acceptable LiFePO4 Wiring Configuration?

    Ok, So for my Motorhome/Tinyhome Battery Build, I have a space in the understorage that rides the frame rails where I will put my battery pack. 58.8VDC Max 720ah, 4P16S pack, with matched cells from a seller I trust. All A grade, with an average of .5ah difference across x64 cells. My budget...
  2. I

    APC smart UPS 750vA which BMS?

    I am planning to replace my APC smart-UPS 750vA battery with lithium ion batteries (18650). right now it has lead acid battery 2x 7ah each connected in series. i have built a 7s10p battery pack i have bms 24v 25A rated ordered from aliexpress. my question is will it work for my project ? can...
  3. T

    Battery for e mobile / size and bms ?

    Hello everyone I have a question about the most sensible dimensioning of one or two batteries. It's about an electric vehicle (senior mobile) there is a Kelly controller installed and 4x 12v 36Ah gel batteries I wanted to convert to Li-Ion because I have a lot of used cells here and have already...
  4. C

    How can I check for how much current my BMS is rated for?

    Hey guys, this is my first post so bare with me if I don't follow the etiquette here :) So I wanted to try and dive into DIY home energy storage and found a guy who gave me 900ish cells for free to tinker with. Included was a BMS without labels whatsoever... After digging around I found on the...
  5. gregoinc

    LEV50 BMS Suggestions

    Greetings, Been a while since posting. I want to use 2 x LEV50 cells to power an outdoor project, and want to use a BMS to manage the cell charging via a solar panel. Each LEV50 cell is about 3.75 volts, so the combined serial voltage will be around 8 volts. A BMS like Batrium is overkill for 2...
  6. A

    JK BMS problem, not balancing due to high resistance in balance cables

    Good evening!!! I'm having a problem with the JK BMS's i've got for my batteries. As I told in my intro, I own several VW iD3/iD4 batteries to power my whole house even for weeks (as long as I don't charge the cars, of course). These 12S Li-Ion batteries I have are the best thing I can think...
  7. S

    Charging 18650 pack in Paralel

    First sory for some mistake in my writing my native language is not english My idea of charging 18650 in series from diferent tools lamps in PARALEL etc First normal i charging them with chinese Bms 3 4 5 S but after some time they failed so one night i come with a idea to charging them...
  8. D

    Batrium WM5 !Critical!

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, I have been running my system (PIP-MK, WM5 BMS) without too much trouble apart from I had a voltage regulator cook that ran the cooling system and as a result, blew the Supply voltage for its self and the BMS. I had a bit of trouble getting the BMS working again and...
  9. M

    Recommend 16S LiFePo4 BMS with atleast 100A charge/discharge and RPi monitoring?

    Hello, I'm using ANT BMS on my home solar project and monitoring cells/capacity via Raspberry Pi, but it's capable of only 50A charging (can go up to 60A/70A with a little push), but now I'm building a bigger solar project and I need to be able to charge/discharge with a continous rate of 100A...
  10. Finihen


    Batrium: - WatchMonitor 4 - Expansion board - ShuntMon 500A - 10 x BlockMon - 2 x 120A/12V latching relays - wires, etc the small stuff in perfect condition, very lightly used in my Yacht Lifepo4 system. I’ll only send to European countries. OFFERS!
  11. M

    48v batterie with nissan leaf modules for trolling motor

    Hi there, After a gamble I got 8 second hannd nissan leaf modules of 7.4volts 66Ah. Each module has 4 cells (2 in series and 2 in parallel). I would like to put 7 modules in series in order to use a 48v trolling motor. Quite new at all of this I am searching for a BMS but got a little bit lost...
  12. N

    Day one of build

    Hi, I'm fairly new to anything of this sort and have no prior knowledge to what I have picked up today, whilst trying to put together a solar build for my van conversion. This in mind I have been stuck for a while with the problem of safely storing and managing the batteries I have purchased...
  13. E

    For Europe i am selling Solar BMS Electrodacus and Lifepo4

    In Netherlands we have SBMS0 , DSSR other parts + 500A shunts + B Grade pouch Lifepo4 cells of A123 Systems. Please check price for SBMS0 here. For Lifepo4 cells you can inform your quanity and delivery Zip code , we can work on best offer. SBMS0 136EURO ( Pre installed 23Euro Wifi/USB...
  14. D

    Handheld Computer battery packs

    Hello folks, I am about to create a Power Wall for my 7,2kW photovoltaic system. I am now looking for batteries. And I have the chance to get a big bunch of mobile computer batteries for free which have never been used or only little used. One battery back consists of 2x18650 with in total...
  15. K

    only cells in particular position is discharging. Why?

    i made 2 battery packs(16s8p,48ah) with 128(32650,lifepo4,6ah) cells each. The bms i am using can do 50A continuous and 100A peak. when i applied load of 500watts, bms is cutting off the battery. same for both the packs. i am attaching the picture of bms software of each pack. it is seen that on...