internal resistance

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    Grad Student Looking for Research in used Lithium 18650 Cells

    Hello, I'm a first semester graduate student in the USA and I have recently gotten super interested in Lithium Batteries! I have a ton of used 18650 cell's I've harvested from all sorts of products and while I was building an E-bike battery last year I was beating my head against the wall trying...
  2. K

    IR with the Zanflare C4

    Unfortunately I don’t have a real IR tester yet (shipping takes 4 weeks from China) so I was told you can use the IR reading from the Zanflare but there will be an average variance to apply as that number won’t be true. I heard the Zanflare IR reading can be anywhere from 30-50MR higher than...
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    Test rig for SM8124A

    Using the SM8124A was always inconvenient to use, the wires are sturdy, a bit to short and you need more hands than 2 to use it with speed. So I made this simple rig for you guys and girls to enjoy, and maybe someone can use the idea as well. In the video you can see how it is used, but there...