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  1. M

    SMA SunnyTripower smart engergy <=> BYD HVS decode support thread

    Hi guys, i set up some decode test bench to start decoding SMA smart energy hybrid inverter and BYD HVS battery CAN bus messages to follow with DIY battery build afterwords. It would be great if we find many people here which can support this topic. I can provide the testbench and do some...
  2. gregoinc

    SolarMax Inverter nearly at the end.

    Our SolarMax inverter has been a solid performer for many years, however it is almost at the end of it's life. The external casing has begun leaking when it rains, and I fear it wont be long and the water will get to something vital. So rather than wait I want to get ahead of the game, so am...
  3. J

    GROWATT SPH hybrid inverter and JK-B2A24S ? What is needed ?

    Hello, I have ordererd a JK B2A24S with 150 A for a 48V LF battery in 16S1P configuration to work with the SPH4600 inverter. Who has experience to make this BMS work and what is needed cause Banggood had a misleading description regarding the canbus chip which seems to be ordered separately but...
  4. I

    Some n00b questions, pack, inverter and automation

    ok, here is another n00b :) after doing some investigation i decided that i want to build a powerwall. already i have 3 suppliers where i can pickup e-bike batteries for free :) now al i have to do is take them part and test them. the basics: my first desision was that i want to go with a...
  5. A

    Hi everyone!!!!

    Just arrived to the forum looking for some help, and willing to help to the extent of my knowledge. I'm in sunny Spain and have 'designed' and setup a solar/battery grid/offgrid system with 22 VW iD3 batteries for storage (6,85kWh x 22 = 150kWh) and 4 Victron Multiplus II 5kVA inverters to work...