DIY BATTERY AUCTIONS Winston LifePo4, 18650 cells, 12/24/48v batteries
  1. S

    First hydro power project

    Hello everybody! Just few weeks ago my partner and I decided to renovate and move to the mobile house in Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. I would like to build hydro power on the small stream next to our house. I also have loads of battery cells from the bicycle batteries but it looks like the...
  2. gregoinc

    SolarMax Inverter nearly at the end.

    Our SolarMax inverter has been a solid performer for many years, however it is almost at the end of it's life. The external casing has begun leaking when it rains, and I fear it wont be long and the water will get to something vital. So rather than wait I want to get ahead of the game, so am...
  3. J

    GROWATT SPH hybrid inverter and JK-B2A24S ? What is needed ?

    Hello, I have ordererd a JK B2A24S with 150 A for a 48V LF battery in 16S1P configuration to work with the SPH4600 inverter. Who has experience to make this BMS work and what is needed cause Banggood had a misleading description regarding the canbus chip which seems to be ordered separately but...
  4. I

    Some n00b questions, pack, inverter and automation

    ok, here is another n00b :) after doing some investigation i decided that i want to build a powerwall. already i have 3 suppliers where i can pickup e-bike batteries for free :) now al i have to do is take them part and test them. the basics: my first desision was that i want to go with a...
  5. A

    Hi everyone!!!!

    Just arrived to the forum looking for some help, and willing to help to the extent of my knowledge. I'm in sunny Spain and have 'designed' and setup a solar/battery grid/offgrid system with 22 VW iD3 batteries for storage (6,85kWh x 22 = 150kWh) and 4 Victron Multiplus II 5kVA inverters to work...