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    48v batterie with nissan leaf modules for trolling motor

    Hi there, After a gamble I got 8 second hannd nissan leaf modules of 7.4volts 66Ah. Each module has 4 cells (2 in series and 2 in parallel). I would like to put 7 modules in series in order to use a 48v trolling motor. Quite new at all of this I am searching for a BMS but got a little bit lost...
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    Nissan Leaf NMC 30kw battery cell teardown

    How do you guys separate the glued cells? I am having a hard time doing it to reconfigure the double modules to parallel. I feel like dental floss is better than sewing wire. If i use a thin plastic credic card ou spatula it will leave big horrible marks on the cells. Alcool helps to disolve a...