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  1. N

    Is there a ready-made system like lii500 that tests lifepo4 batteries?

    Lithium ion and nimh are charged and tested in lii500 devices. Likewise, I have second-hand lifepo4 batteries, can you recommend a system that tests lifepo4 batteries?
  2. H

    Selling CATL 271Ah Battery Cells in California warehouse

    we currently have more than 400pcs Grade A CATL 271Ah Lifepo4 battery cells in USA stock, wholesale price is also provided. We promise every cell will be above 275Ah, nearly 280Ah. 4PCS:699USD More than 100PCS:145USD/PCS
  3. zurkeyon

    Acceptable LiFePO4 Wiring Configuration?

    Ok, So for my Motorhome/Tinyhome Battery Build, I have a space in the understorage that rides the frame rails where I will put my battery pack. 58.8VDC Max 720ah, 4P16S pack, with matched cells from a seller I trust. All A grade, with an average of .5ah difference across x64 cells. My budget...
  4. B

    Help to identify lithium cell chemistry type

    I have sourced a load of used battery packs from stripping and using in power packs. Some of the pack have cells that I cannot identify, the pack label pic attached states that the cells are Lithium iron-phosphate, but the green cell sleeve does not state it is LifePo4. It does state it is...
  5. L

    32700 - 4S / 8S / 16S Holders?

    Are there any cell holders (similar to the 18650 holders in the pic below) available for 32650 / 32700 cells? Perhaps a similar concept?
  6. N

    Is the 2000 cycle (80% DOD) cycle life correct for Lifepo4 batteries?

    When I examine the technical features of Lifepo4 batteries, almost all manufacturers provide 2000 cycle (80% DOD) life. This is really true? Is there any test method that I can verify?
  7. E

    For Europe i am selling Solar BMS Electrodacus and Lifepo4

    In Netherlands we have SBMS0 , DSSR other parts + 500A shunts + B Grade pouch Lifepo4 cells of A123 Systems. Please check price for SBMS0 here. For Lifepo4 cells you can inform your quanity and delivery Zip code , we can work on best offer. SBMS0 136EURO ( Pre installed 23Euro Wifi/USB...
  8. tjobapuerh

    New iMax B6 Evo

    Hey ! Does anyone have experience with the new iMax B6 Evo? I suppose it does the same as the old model, just better UI and whatnot. But regardless of the model, I was uncertain whether or not this also charges LiFePo4? For the Li-ion it reads 1-6 cells...
  9. TheBatteries

    NEC Energy Solutions A123 LiFePO4 Battery Teardown

    An in-depth look at the NEC Energy Solutions batteries that I purchased from Battery Hookup. These batteries contain 48 A123 LiFePO4 26650 cells, great for use with off-grid solar builds!