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  1. J

    New 21700SA-4000mAh batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh batteries for sale (USA)

    We have a large quantity of brand new 21700SA-4000mAh ($7 each) batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh ($8 each) batteries. Discount with quantity. Please let me know if you have any questions or want more information. Check out or email for more info.
  2. raffles

    MPPSOLAR PIP5048MG 5kW with 2x2kWh Chevy Volt battery Error 58 (Inverter Voltage Too Low)

    My inverter is working great without the batteries, but if I connect my battery array I get Error 58 (Inverter Voltage Too Low). I average around 4kWh on my output. I wonder if there is a setting to load balance with grid or solar so the battery doesn't run out of power. Do I need more batteries...