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  1. S

    New build moving away from lead acid… what a nightmare they are!

    Hi everyone, I am currently moving away from 26KW lead acid 48v solution and have now purchased 650 x 3.7v - 2600mah - 7.8amp 18650’s (new). I have 3.7kw of solar panels and a 48v mppt controller that is also capable of Charing from mains (cheap rate elec storage) :) The mppt can charge at max...
  2. Androfire

    Inverter voltage range and lithium ion batteries

    Hi, amateur here. I bought a 12V DC to AC inverter, and attached a 3s lithium ion battery to power it. However, the inverter will start beeping (signalling lower power) at roughly ~10+ volts. But I know that 3s lithium packs would have more capacity until 9.6V. Is the inverter cutting off too...
  3. J

    New 21700SA-4000mAh batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh batteries for sale (USA)

    We have a large quantity of brand new 21700SA-4000mAh ($7 each) batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh ($8 each) batteries. Discount with quantity. Please let me know if you have any questions or want more information. Check out or email for more info.