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  1. Muchomad

    Which Tesla batteries best to buy for PowerWall?

    Hello mates. I would like to build my own power storage based on Tesla batteries, like some of you. I'd like to ask you for opinion which battery from those which I can get I should buy and why or maybe you adwice the other way to do it? Tesla S 85D z 2016 72000km 12803euro = 150euro/1KW Tesla...
  2. P

    Just finished building my pack but need help with the design.

    Hey guys I am pretty excited to share my first DIY powerwall build (well I was able to find only 83 good cells so not exactly a power wall). All the cells are above 1500mAh and in total I have roughly 540Wh of energy. It is low for many of you but for my small house it is fine as my house...
  3. Emiel

    [CLOSED] For sale in the Netherlands (EU): 17 kW powerwall kit

    Located in the Netherlands, Europe. Pickup only, no shipping. Who will finish my Powerwall project? Build your own powerwall of 18650 cells? I'm selling you a set that will kick start your project! Average capacity of the cells is 2800mAh. The cells are individually tested on an Opus BT-C3100...
  4. petersonchris

    [SOLD] Powerwall project in Texas

    Make me the best offer. Looking for around $1,700. It would be easier for me to sell as one whole lot, but I can potentially break some of it up. Looking to get out of the power wall hobby for now. I just don't have the time and energy to continue with it. I want to sell this in one large...