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  1. P

    Free Unused 18650 Cells

    I'm looking for someone that could use about 1600 18650 lithium ion cells. We run a business that sells battery powered stroller fans. We recently received a shipment of 800 fans that were rejected due to a quality issue with the fan motor (does not affect the batteries.) Rather than throwing...
  2. S

    [SOLD] Open box, Uncycled Samsung INR18650 32E Cells

    Cells were packed into Ninebot battery packs that never got used. They were incredibly difficult to extract; I really commend whoever designed this pack. From start to finish, removing these cells from one pack took about 4 hours. That being considered, some cell wrappers sustained damage from...
  3. J

    18650 Lithium Ion Batteries - question about pricing (Central Oregon, USA)

    I have a couple hundred used laptop batteries, a few discarded drill battery packs and 2 discarded e-bike battery packs. Additionally, I have approximately 500 cells that I've already harvested from a fore mentioned devices. I have done some searching on ebay for the various part numbers on...
  4. ladapavlas

    Tested 18650 cells - 30Q, 25R, VTC5 | from €100/kWh | [EU]

    Used 18650 battery cells. Clean, rewrapped, tested and ready to be spotwelded into a battery pack. You can place your order on our website: Direct product links: Samsung INR18650-30Q Samsung INR18650-25R Sony 18650 VTC5 Note: Minimum order quantity is 100pcs FREE...
  5. T

    Laptop cells

    Hey everyone, im looking to sell off all my laptop cells to make room for better cells, meaning the laptop ones won’t be used. I’ve got: 250 untested laptop cells from various name brands all showing good voltage(3+v) or low voltage (1-2v). No shorted cells. 140 tested name brand cells all...
  6. Y

    52v 13Ah 14s5p - new - Austria (ship to EU/Russia)

    Hi people 🙂 if any one needs: - 7 cycles, 1.5 month old - 52v 14s5p 13Ah - new is sold for 380$ - I’m in Austria: can ship to EU, Russia, Switzerland • send me your offer 👌😊 I believe 190€ would be fair for such new pack
  7. T

    [SELLING] very lightly used tested and untested INR18650MH1 cells

    I’ve got some of these INR18650MH1 cells extracted from power storage packs with assembly defects and were used little to none. For tested cells, all cells testing 3000mah with a majority over 3100mah or more and have capacity written on the cell. All cells were extracted from packs at 3.5v+...
  8. bogptrsn

    Retiring from DIY Powerwall build

    SELLING!!! I have a few thousand 18650 cells processed and several hundred cells being processed that I am looking to sale. The processed cells are in the attached spreadsheet. I also have some charging and testing equipment. I live in central Iowa and I am only willing to deal with people that...