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  1. F

    SimpBMS Tesla pack expansion tripping offline

    I have been running with SimpBMS in my bus/motorhome for two years with a few problems. I recently had a malfunction with the pre-charge circuit that caused the positive contactor to weld shut and over discharge my pack. One of my previous two Tesla modules didn't recover from this event. So I...
  2. W

    Off grid system with SimpBMS & Tesla Modules

    Hi all, I'm starting to build an off-grid system and wanted to share my plans / scheme before buying components. Any feedback or tips are more than welcome! Thanks, Solar setup details: 20x Hyundai HIE-S395VG (5x in series -> 4x in parallel)
  3. M

    SimpBMS setup - alarm settings

    Hello, i'm currently setting up a storage using SimpBMS with Tesla batteries. In general, everything works fine. But I have a problem with the alarm settings... Here an example: Upper voltage limit: 4100mV Under voltage limit: 3500mV When the minimum value of a cell goes under 3500mV it turns...
  4. Patalhetas

    mppt still run, power off

    hi to all, Today I find some estrange, I shutdown my system for testing the protection, i cut the power supply to multiplus II, battery charger (simpbms bms) Cerbo Gx, but the mppt connected via to GX in absorption mode .... still send energy to the batterys .... is dangerous because...
  5. B

    SimpBMS, CerboGX, VictronSmartShunt - no current reading for BMS?

    Hello folks. To read the current in a SimBMS - CerboGX setup, I did use a Victron SmartShunt as suggested in a previous thread. Am just doing the first steps with my setup, and SimpBMS does not seem to read the current from the SmartShunt yet. Can anybody elaborate, what should be done here...