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  1. L

    simpBMS problems configuring 16xTesla Modules

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently building a off grid solar system that uses 16x Tesla Model S battery modules as storage but facing some issues with configuring the simpBMS so was wondering if anyone could help. The setup is =~ 48 V and uses 3x Victron Quattro connected to provide 3 Phase AC, I keep...
  2. Muchomad

    Which Tesla batteries best to buy for PowerWall?

    Hello mates. I would like to build my own power storage based on Tesla batteries, like some of you. I'd like to ask you for opinion which battery from those which I can get I should buy and why or maybe you adwice the other way to do it? Tesla S 85D z 2016 72000km 12803euro = 150euro/1KW Tesla...
  3. F

    SimpBMS Tesla State of Charge

    I have a solar system using Tesla SimpBMS and the SOC numbers always seems to be off. I.E. After charging from shore power or solar, if I power cycle the BMS the SOC numbers always change. The default configuration show a 100AH battery which is obviously not correct. How do you calculate based...
  4. F

    SimpBMS Tesla pack expansion tripping offline

    I have been running with SimpBMS in my bus/motorhome for two years with a few problems. I recently had a malfunction with the pre-charge circuit that caused the positive contactor to weld shut and over discharge my pack. One of my previous two Tesla modules didn't recover from this event. So I...
  5. W

    Off grid system with SimpBMS & Tesla Modules

    Hi all, I'm starting to build an off-grid system and wanted to share my plans / scheme before buying components. Any feedback or tips are more than welcome! Thanks, Solar setup details: 20x Hyundai HIE-S395VG (5x in series -> 4x in parallel)
  6. M

    SimpBMS setup - alarm settings

    Hello, i'm currently setting up a storage using SimpBMS with Tesla batteries. In general, everything works fine. But I have a problem with the alarm settings... Here an example: Upper voltage limit: 4100mV Under voltage limit: 3500mV When the minimum value of a cell goes under 3500mV it turns...