used 18650

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  1. A

    Replacing lead acid to 18650 on my garage door opener.

    I have a motorized garage door, and in the last years I'm having issues with the 12v lead acid battery that came with the kit. The battery outputs only 0,5A in short circuit and the voltage drops to less than 8V when the door tries to open. It opens 1 time and them the battery is dead, not...
  2. D

    Grad Student Looking for Research in used Lithium 18650 Cells

    Hello, I'm a first semester graduate student in the USA and I have recently gotten super interested in Lithium Batteries! I have a ton of used 18650 cell's I've harvested from all sorts of products and while I was building an E-bike battery last year I was beating my head against the wall trying...
  3. A

    Need help identifying 18650 cells

    Hello everyone, I was going through my assortment of cells and found some (6) that I cannot find any data on. Here is a picture of one of the Cells: The Text on them says: N18650 T11R R02S The last set of numbers varys from cell to cell (16119, 16174, 16175, 16129, 16419 16207) Does anyone...
  4. A

    Question about battery pack

    Hello everyone, I have a battery pack (from an electric lawnmover) that I want to rebuid. One of the cells has gone bad (measuring 0V and it looks burn or something leaked below the red tape). The pack consists of 10 LG LGDBHE21865 Cells and works out to 36V 2,5Ah. Since only 1 cell is bad...
  5. ladapavlas

    Tested 18650 cells - 30Q, 25R, VTC5 | from €100/kWh | [EU]

    Used 18650 battery cells. Clean, rewrapped, tested and ready to be spotwelded into a battery pack. You can place your order on our website: Direct product links: Samsung INR18650-30Q Samsung INR18650-25R Sony 18650 VTC5 Note: Minimum order quantity is 100pcs FREE...