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  1. W

    Off grid system with SimpBMS & Tesla Modules

    Hi all, I'm starting to build an off-grid system and wanted to share my plans / scheme before buying components. Any feedback or tips are more than welcome! Thanks, Solar setup details: 20x Hyundai HIE-S395VG (5x in series -> 4x in parallel)
  2. N

    Home Battery in belgium

    Hey, I started creating my powerwall 2 years ago. Now that we only get 0.04 euros per kWh injected to grid from surplus solar panels power. Two years ago I bought my first Samsung INR18650-29E 2900mAh E6 - 8.25A - Refurbished cells, these come from bicycle batteries that were ridden because...
  3. B

    SimpBMS, CerboGX, VictronSmartShunt - no current reading for BMS?

    Hello folks. To read the current in a SimBMS - CerboGX setup, I did use a Victron SmartShunt as suggested in a previous thread. Am just doing the first steps with my setup, and SimpBMS does not seem to read the current from the SmartShunt yet. Can anybody elaborate, what should be done here...
  4. b0re

    Victron BP-65, voltage on jumper on/off

    Hello, I want to turn off the 24v via remote using Zigbee, I am currently using Sonoff. The BP-65 Victron comes with a remote loop does anyone know the voltage between the jumper on/off I want to add in a Zigbee switch between the jumper that I can tie into the rest of my Zigbee devices and...