10 times bmw packs, what to do?????please read and any advice is wanted, 10 packs....yes or no, what to do

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Mar 2, 2019
This weekend my friend and i are going to look at 10-15 bmw battery's production years: 2018-2019 and even 2 from 2020.
The disassemble of them is going to be with a lot of obvious, distinct, insightful, perspicuous, plain and precise safety!
Including my most loved tools: the grinder(the big one) and jackhammer(25kg), if needed
But we don't know anything about them, they are still sealed.

Probably(this is what i hope) the bms can not communicate anymore and the cells are in good shape.
So the scrapheap could not test them.

Price i dont have one single clue, someone can give a hint

They are approx 80 to 110 kwh each, assuming we can get 70%? that would be a nice storage...
Sorry we are not planning to sell, for now.

What to look out for?
How to deal or test what with the battery's before we say yes?
Any info would be welcome.
Or just take the plunge into the deep and cold water?

Thanks in advance, best, Igor
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