(150+) Fiat 500e 5S 18v 1.2kWh Lithium Ion EV Battery Modules for Sale


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Sep 28, 2022
We have over 150 modules for sale of the Fiat 500e 5S 18v 1.2kWh Lithium Ion EV Battery Module (a&b)

$110 each for local pick up or buyer arranged shipping, discount for buying entire lot of what is left at the time.

All are individually boxed for safe transport. Pallet shipping or truck is the best way.

We also the complete Tesla Smart car batteries for sale

Located in Kentucky USA

Battery Type5s1p (5 cells in series per module)
Nominal Voltage3.7V per cell - 18.5V per pack
Charge Voltage4.15V per cell - 20.75V per pack
Mfr. Rated Capacity64Ah per cell - 64Ah per module
Mfr. Rated Energy236.8Wh per cell - 1184Wh per module
Dimensions9.5" x 7" x 6" 24.5lbs
BMSNone - BMS connectors attached
Tested? (Y/N, Type)Yes, basic voltage probe to check for dead (0.0V) modules and quick load test.


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Fait modules have been sold. We still have 72 kwh of Smart(tesla) modules available.
Hi friends

I am looking for a 5 cell module for the HV battery of my 2015 Fiat 500e.