18650 Battery Pack for 4x4 off-road travel?


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Apr 14, 2021
Hi everyone I was hoping some people with good experience can offer any advice before I continue any further (I have learnt as I go, making many mistakes). Note that I lost my job recently and money is very tight so I am using as many cheap alternatives as I can.

I have finished testing mAH of around 250 cells recovered from Laptop Battery Packs. This is the makeshift charge/discharge station I built
I ended up with 192 batteries that hold their charge at 4.0V-4.15V. With a minimum nominal voltage of 3.6V based on the cell database and using rePackr, I hope to make a 14.4V - 70Ah Battery. All the batteries are currently sitting in these buckets with paper between the layers.
I have this spot welder with Battery and charger with all of the leftover essay writer strips in the jar at the back (I plan on hammering them flat)
I have been working on this since around August 2020 and today some parts for the 3D printer came so I can begin printing the pack. I am using Blender to design this as a single long pack 4x48 with an old computer fan at one end and the BMS at the other.
I am using these step-down buck things to bring to a nice 12V & 5V that will power a 12V TV with 2 x Raspberry PI, one with Open Auto and 7" screen (already installed in 4x4, can supply photos if you're interested) and an OS (TBC) so I have a computer on the road.
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Aug 23, 2017
Sounds like a cool project. I would be interested especially how you will mount the long battery pack. The twisting of a 4x4 might be too much for a the long pack ~1m|~40 inches, 8x24 build would be ~ .33m x.5m |1ft x20 inches. Less likely to break a weld. Maybe even place the battery pack in a gimbal. Is TBC the OS? Photos are always welcome
Later floyd