26650 + 18650 Spot Welding **NEW**

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Oct 10, 2016
Hi all,
I have been looking at this forum for years before I finally decided to buy a spot welding machine. The one that I bough is an entry lvl one. It s the Sunkko 709A from Banggood.

I will spot weld medical packs from battery hookup. They are 27 panasonic cells in 3S9P configuration. I plan to reuse the enclosure because it is an high quality one and make the pack 1S27P so 3 rows of 9 cells. Each one spot welded and linked together by a 10AWG cable from the nickel strip to the connector.
So I will have 16 packs of 27 cells. I plan to set them is a 6S configuration so that would be 2 bms for a total of 12 packs used out of 16. Will be buying another bms and another 2 packs if this works out.

Now for my lifepo4
I bough some time ago old new stock of fullriver 26650 cells I have 190 of them usable.
I already have 4 38AmpH 12v lifepo4 packs and plan to and 2, maybe 3 more to the mix if possible.
All my diy packs will have a bluetoot bms and all of this will be put outside a cabin in a diy battery box liked to my cabin with an underground pvc conduit of 1"1/4. I have a main panel 120v at some point 30amp but for now limitted to 12 amp ( inverter limit ) and a panel for dc light , control and electronic charger.

I need help regarding my spot welding needs / necessity and maybe help with my pack design.

I own several chargers and one of them is the mega cell charger. Thanks