3rd party software for mpp 5048mk


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Nov 14, 2018
Hi there everybody.
Im runninng a nissan Leaf 2nd gen powerwall setup on a 3,6 kw pv array across a mmp Solar 5048mk inverter.
Im finding it a bit hard to figure out what excatly the different states of the inverter works.
What i want to do and automate is this:

In daytime i run the housecircuit on pv and battery - no utility.
In the nighttime i want to bypass the inverter and let the grid/util charge my tesla.
I DONT want the util to charge my battery.

i manage to do this by shutting down the inverter and starting it up again how ever it seems that the inverter kind of randomly still charge the battery via UTIL power.
I have the inverter setup to SBU (sun/battery/utility) and Solar priority set to SLB UDC which should deny the inverter to use utility power for charging batteries. However that doesnt seem to work at nighttime.

I have a pc connected that run batrium watchmon so my question is if there exists at software that can control the inverter to do as i stated above and that preferebly runs on a PC. Im aware of Solarsis but that runs on a Rasberry and i would like to be able to run the program on a PC since thats what i have.

Roland W

Oct 9, 2017
If you do not charge your car during daytime or over the inverter, then just connect the wall charger directly to the grid. Or do I understand something wrong here?

According the charging mode, you need to use SOL. Only then, the AC-charger will not be used. But the loads will switch to utility, once the battery is low.