3S12P battery layout question


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May 16, 2023

I'm pretty new to designing my own packs, I have changed cells in few packs previously but I've never designed my own. I have made adrawing for 3S12P battery and I think connections are correct but please check and let me know if they are ok :) Where there's RED strip it's + and where BLACK it is -, in yellow it is marked balancing wires where I'll connect BMS.

You should run the main wires, opposite to each other in order to load all cells equally under load.
You also built a 6s6p battery as the person above me already stated and have the wrong polarity.

The first picture seems wrong.
Make the three 12P blocks first. They will look like your second image. Top and bottom of the 12P module will have the same nickel strips (in the same position) top and bottom.
After connect the three module in series, plus with minus, minus with plus.
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No, you wired the red and black wire to only use the 12p pack in the middle and ignore the outer two 12p packs. But you are getting there.