4s Relay based BMS for LiFe

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Jan 21, 2018
I have about 95ah of 26650 lifepo cells that I want to make into a 4s 12v battery as a capacity extension for the 30ah main pack. These are setup in pelican style cases for camping and traveling, etc.

Since the expansion pack is pretty large I'd like to make it self contained: i.e. a positive and negative only available externally. I'd like it to maintain its own balancing and ovp, lvp, etc. I can see short term 1-1.5C discharge loads so that pretty much rules out the "smart bms" china stuff. I do like that I configure the smart BMS.

Sorry a lot of words... I need a 4s lifepo bms that can realistically handle 150 amp discharge (much lower charge rate) and ideally is user configurable.