540x 18650's on eBay, South London

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Sep 19, 2017
any UK SE builders who are interested, i have an action up:


More info from eBay Listing
For sale is for a job lot of 529x mixed Lithium Ion (Li-Ion 18650) batteries and 13x 17670's.

The 17670's will fit into 18650 holders if you pad them out with electrical tape as I have already done to get them to fit into the 18650 holders as shown in the picture.

These have mostly been salvaged from laptop battery packs, though some have come from mobile powerbanks or Dyson handheld hoovers.

All of them are in working condition though there may be some cosmetic damage such as small leftover pieces of metal on each end of the battery (from when they were removed from the laptop battery packs), bits of solder or torn/missing plastic shrink wrap. Any imperfections on these cells do not affect their functionality in any way.

Because there are so many of these I have grouped them into lots with a max variation of 200mah capacity, these are as follows:


160x 1800-1999
174x 1600-1799
70x 1400-1599
65x 1200-1399
35x 1000-1999
25x 800-999


4x 1000-1999
9x 800-999

Capacity has been tested using an Opus BT - C3100 (V2.2) charger at 1A charge/discharge.

The cells were tested using the "discharge refresh" setting which fully discharges and charges the cells 3 times to restore their "memory" and provide an accurate final capacity reading.

The batteries have been left for several weeks and tested for any voltage drops, all batteries have been left at their max charge so should register about 4.0-4.15v.

The total weight is 25KG and shipping is so expensive that eBay won't let me add it as an option, apparently, Parcel Force can ship for 50 so if you really need it and are willing to pay for it then we'll have to arrange that outside of eBay.

Collection is from Croydon, South London.

These batteries are NOT suitable for e-cigarettes (vape mods)!



Oct 7, 2016
Added some info for you buddy
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