A note/warning for UK folks


Oct 8, 2016
There's a seller on eBay selling multiple lots of HP packs, for on average 70 per 20 packs, each pack has 6 cells.

I'll post an image below to help you identify the seller.

Dont waste your money on these.

Ive been lucky enough to get more than enough cells forvery little money - while I've been processing them I've been watching the steady rise in the price some folks seem happy to pay for used packs - so I thought I'd throw a few quid at eBay and find out what folks are getting for their money.

I bought two sperate lots of 20x HP packs - they arrived quickly and were well packed - average age of the packs was around four to six years - the second lotarrived soaked internally, I'd guess these packs had been stored outside.

240 cells recovered in total - 6 per pack - the first lot of 120 cells were below 200mAh - the second damp lot of 120 cell all tested below 350mAh - basically all useless to me.

I knew I was buying used packs, but I've never found zero usable cells in so many packs - and as this was a bit of an experiment I wasn't overly bothered - but I did want to try to notify others that these packs are worthless (for our use).

So I left negative feedback for the first lot of 20 - and quickly had an email from the seller.

It transpires that these packs have allready been graded before sale - the seller also sells a lot of used packs individually. So these aren't packs that have been pulled out of broken laptops, or bulk lots of surplus, from which it can be expected to be able to salvage an ecconomically viable quantity of usable cells - these are used packs, that have allready been capacity graded.

In my opinion these packs should have been recycled and not offered for sale, the seller clearly knows there are folks salvaging cells so is offering these in the hope that we'll buy them - and it would appear that lots have been buying them.

The negative feedback I left for the first pack has been removed - I did tell the seller that I wasn't interested in a refund, but he gave one anyway - and cancelled the transaction - I'm not sure if this removes the feedback, but it's gone.

The seller did mention that the packs were sold as tested faulty - and I accept that, and on that basis I said I wasn't interested in a refund, but that I had left the negative to warnothers - but the feedback for the first pack has gone and he's put a lot more bundles of the same HP packs up for sale - I'd say he's trying to dump them quickly.

I wonder how many others folks have bought packs and just accepted the zero usable cells as bad luck ?

I wonder how many others have bought from him, complained and have been refunded to either avoid or remove negative feedback ?

Thanks for reading - the image below might look familiar, so if you are tempted to buy a batch of similar (from a retailer of bargains) - be aware.

Edit: I don't appear to be able to add the listing image - I'd prefer not to link directly - but there should be enough info above to identify the seller (especially the bit in brackets in the previous sentence)