A123 Pouch Cells for harvesting

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Greentec Auto

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May 1, 2020
I recently came to a large amount of A123 battery modules that were used for product and design validation.
Some were pushed to their limits and others were cycled once or twice to make sure the BMS turned on and off.
The ones that are abused are pretty obviously abused, usually swollen or leaking. You wont be getting any of those unless you ask.
I have an increasing number of modules that have good and bad cells mixed, as well as assembling errors that make the module unusable in its current state, but with a little modification it could work.

Im looking for people that are interested in disassembling the modules to harvest them for the cells, or are willing to put the work into the module to make it whole.
The cells are 20Ah LiFePO4, 25Ah LiFePO4, and I was told some might be NMC.
Attached are a few pictures of what the various modules can look like, there are other form factors as well, just not getting to all of them yet.
Issues on the pictures attached are cell tab burned through and cell tab folded over and not welded.
I will be setting aside modules that have good and bad cells mixed together as well as any defects outlined earlier and am wondering if anyone here is interested in them.
Please email me at art@greentecauto.com with a brief description of what you are looking for and as it comes up I can send pictures, details, and price.
USA shipping only.

If you wanted a module with all good cells, here are the links to them.
More to be listed as we sort through the piles of batteries we have.

12V 40Ah
12V 60Ah
24V 25Ah


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